Thursday, November 15, 2007

A New Dark Age is Upon Us

Just how oppressive must a government become before we can justifiably say that it has turned a country into a police-state? Midnight knocks on the door? Security squads in black uniforms? The indefinite imprisonment of innocent individuals in prison cells and the immediate assumption of their guilt until proved innocent? Imprisonment for thought crimes? The use of torture to extricate information which may never otherwise be given? The permanent surveillance of a population at large?

If these were the criteria then there can be no doubt that Britain has become a police-state. Using the pretence of 'Anti-Terror' laws, themselves the product of an entirely fabricated 'War on Terror' which resulted from a false-flag incident involving the mass-murder of over 3000 innocent people, 911, and again 52 innocents in another false-flag incident involving Britain's secret services, 7/7.

People have been dragged out of their beds in dawn raids --not only under 'Anti-Terror' but under immigration laws-- by violent, often racist, thugs hiding behind police uniforms. Uniforms which are a shade closer to black than the supposed blue serge and caps whose peaks are more reminiscent of the Gestapo.

People (mostly people of colour or Muslims, or both) have been banged-up for long periods of time with most then being allowed to go free. At least two British Muslims, Mohammed Siddique in Scotland and another fancifully called the Lyrical Terrorist have been given long prison sentences for nothing more than thought crimes. And in the case of Siddique's lawyer, Ahmed Anwar, even he is now being terrorised by the judge, Lord Carloway, whose behaviour and appearance is more reminiscent of a ruthless redcoat determined to control the judiciary of Scotland with an iron heel.

Torture is by export order and thousands of CCTV cameras endlessly surveil the public. And all this under the pretext of a security which the average prole has meekly accepted as something good for her and him. Aldous Huxley was quite right to predict that totalitarianism would come, not with a fight but by invitation. Using their insidious techniques, the British government has persuaded the average prole that these 'security measures' are actually in his interest, that there's a Muslim terrorist just around the corner waiting for him and so "we must step up security."

"Stepping-up security" is the fatuous description that the talking heads on the BBC News gave it today in announcing our Stalinist Premier-by-appointment, Brown's, announcement of a raft of draconian new laws which pull Britain even deeper into the depths of a police state.

The face of Britain will now be changed to look like a country under armed occupation. Now railway stations will be given baggage surveillance, hence making it at last possible for the State to know what every one carries in their suitcases.

Only the countryside, as in Orwell's 1984, will seem to be free of surveillance.

First airports, now railway stations. But it doesn't stop there:

Mr Brown said guidance would be sent to thousands of cinemas, theatres, restaurants, hotels, sporting venues and commercial centres, as well as all hospitals, schools and places of worship to advise them on how to keep visitors safe against terrorism.


So, you see, it's going to be everywhere. The whole country is to be turned into a super-Belfast open internment camp for the entire population. We are all suspects now!

But it doesn't stop there for,

The prime minister also outlined measures to counter the influence of radical fundamentalists in Britain's schools, universities, mosques, youth clubs and prisons, as well as on the internet.


The long-expected attack on the freedom of the internet has thus begun. My predictions that blogs like mine will be banned and pulled-down off the Net within the next five years was, after all, perhaps optimistic. It could be very much sooner than that.

The legislation for just that kind of thing has been prepared in the US with HR1955. Like a nightmare unfolding predictably, chapter by chapter, the new fascist totalitarianism that was behind 911, Madrid, Bali and 7/7 is now rapidly gaining ground, moving fast at the speed that Hitler's panzer divisions overran a bewildered western Europe in 1940.

As with that attack, the battleplans were laid a long time ago by people like Samuel Huntington, the guru of Washington's neocons, ex-spook and writer of the seminal Clash of Civilizations, the intellectual cover for Islamophobia and the fake 'War on Terror.'

Just as Bush and Blair agreed to attack Afghanistan and Iraq a long time before 911 (of course they did, 911 was the excuse they both knew about) so the plans for the implementation of police states in the English-speaking countries can be taken a long while back before the events which were calculatedly manufactured to terrorize and bully a passive western population into submission.

Utilizing a blueprint of commonality the tin-pot Atlanticist Hitlers and their quislings are working to a schedule to take our remaining freedoms and bury them in a deep grave before the next Oil and Resource wars are launched. It is no accident that only days ago, Britain's Number One Traitor and Quisling, Gordon Brown, once again swore allegiance to his bosses in Washington DC whilst condemning all those who in Britain dare to criticise the death-pact of the Anglo-Saxon Alliance to be "anti-American."

That death-pact is nothing less than the totalitarian gauntlet which Brown threw down not only to declare his unending allegiance to the dark forces in the White House but as a deliberate taunt against his own people, do as you're told or I will punish you horribly! An arrogant, paunchy, feudal robber-baron making public his scorn for the peasantry over which he rules as a divine right.

And the new "stepping-up of security" announced by the lying Big Brother Cooperation (BBC) is only a further tightening of the fascist ratchet as per orders issued to the English-speaking countries by Washington DC.

It is no accident, either, that the so-called review issued by the idiot Lord West, Britain's Sicherheitsminister, used the false-flag bombings of London and Glasgow Airport as the grounds for the new draconian laws. I have no doubt whatsoever that those incidents, using the classical methods of secret services' entrapment, were deliberately caused in order to justify what has now been announced. Anyone naive enough to think I am talking nonsense should look at how all this was prepared-for and given a testbed in Ireland a long time before it started in earnest in mainland Britain.

The comparison with Nazi Germany is perfect, even to the everyday persecution of Muslims by both the police and by thugs on the streets. Not only Muslims are being attacked but so are all people of colour. A new wave of racist violence is growing in the USA, Britain and Australia where even the aboriginal people are under a fresh wave of attacks. In continental Europe, fascism together with racism has raised its ugly head once more.

And 8 million Muslims have died as a direct result of USUK imperialism in Iraq and Afghanistan over the last 16 years. The comparison is complete.

The shadow of a New Dark Age is upon Us.

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