Thursday, November 22, 2007

Britain's Ceausescu
An Open Call for the Mother-of-all-Jihads Upon this Evil Government!

The openly racist oppression of Muslims by the State and its politicised judiciary in Britain goes on. The latest case is that of the 25-year-old Pakistan-born Abdul Rahman who has been convicted for having a letter encouraging a call-to-arms in Afghanistan!

Not in Britain but in Afghanistan!

According to the BBC, "Rahman admitted having the letter with a view to circulating it to encourage others to join the jihad." And when Police raided Rahman's house in Manchester,
they found computer disks of speeches given to crowds in Pakistan claiming, "Allah is calling for jihad."

Although the BBC avoids telling us exactly what it further observes that,
Rahman was also accused [but not convicted] of assisting another person to commit or prepare a terrorist act, which carries a possible life sentence.

What utter drivel! What does the BBC take us for if it expects us to believe this latest vomiting state terrorism nicely timed, as always, to knock the public back into shape just as Gordon 'The Toad' Brown's Nu Labour fascists are reeling from one scandal to another?

Since the sacking of Greg Dyke who dared to challenge the warmonger Blair the BBC has become a shamelessly servile tool and conduit for state propaganda favouring whichever of the two parties presently holding power in Britain's police state, parliamentary dictatorship.

This last show trial was covered by BBC News 24 last night after a lengthy coverage of sports news (bread and circuses to keep the proles distracted) in which Rahman was alleged to be running "military training schools" in northern England. To emphasise the point, the BBC showed us a brief clip of what appeared to be two men dressed in anoraks sliding down a hill in the snow!

Britain's show trials against Muslims are becoming increasingly farcical: first Mohammed Siddique in Scotland's first thought-crime trial and conviction followed by the persecution of Siddique's lawyer by the tyrannical Lord Carloway; then the conviction of the so-called Lyrical Terrorist for having written her thoughts on the back of a bus-ticket; and now Rahman for his support of Afghan freedom fighters who are bravely standing up to the imperialist USUK occupiers in occupied Afghanistan.

And by saying that last do I also become guilty of promoting a so-called jihad?


Let me make it very clear to The Toad and his closet-fascist government: if that is what you, in your abject ignorance, call 'jihad' then yes, I (a non-Muslim) do indeed call on all that is Holy to bring down on your miserable heads the Mother-of-all-Jihads in order that this vile government and the system it seeks to perpetuate is forever consigned into the sewers of history!

Mr Gordon, The Lying Toad, Brown, Britain's latter-day Ceausescu, are you listening to the anger that is spreading across the land?

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