Friday, November 02, 2007

Britz: a Commentary

I've just finished watching the second part of Britz on Channel Four. I very rarely watch Channel Four these days due to the unceasing torrent of so-called docudramas on 'terrorism'. Of the little I have watched it was very clear to me that it was all psy ops stuff, propaganda based on the already-established principal of being guilty before having been proved to be so.

Since Tony Blair, taking his orders from the criminal Bush junta, gave the green light to the British mainstream media (MSM) to adopt sly, racist innuendo against Muslims and to demonise them, it is very clear to me that not only is Britain still very much a racist country but that that racism has now come out in the open with a nod and a wink from the Blair/Brown governments.

I watched this movie with interest because it seemed to me to be a brave attempt by predominantly white folk to show to a predominantly white audience just what it is that drives certain individuals in the British Muslim community in different directions, one to join the British establishment's secret services and the other to become a suicide bomber.

Yes, of course the plot presented us with caricatures of reality but that was deliberate and intended to make a point: in this case about a cultural group with immigrant roots that finds itself divided in a western society which, with its own agenda, is now persecuting that group and its British-born children.

And yes, that persecution all results from the need of US and British capital to dominate the planet's Oil and Gas resources leading to a US foreign policy based on all-out aggression and imperialism. A foreign policy which the then Premier of the USA's Number One Vassal State, Britain, adopted in its entirety with no questions asked.

The movie ends with a video recording of the dead suicide bomber warning the British that until they cease to support quisling governments supporting aggressive US foreign policy the bombing will go on.

The bombing will go on as long as the West's bombing goes on. This is a war. An asymmetrical war, but a war nonetheless.

The makers of the movie point to the 7/7 bombers as having had a similar intention. The problem there, in my opinion, is that the 7/7 plot was never proven. To this day it has remained an allegation against a group of Muslims by a British government that is characterised, if anything, by the lies it told its people about why Britain joined Bush's war crime against Iraq.

As an ex-colonial I learnt as a young child never to trust the British (government). No British colonial, whether white or of colour, trusted Whitehall. So treating British governments with suspicion comes as easily to me as it might to the Irish. For that and other reasons I never believed the official conspiracy story about 911 nor 7/7. And the fact that to this day there has been no investigation about 7/7, independent or otherwise, must remain the greatest indicator of the British government's complicity in that event.

Britz hammered out the reality of how Control Orders are being used against British Muslims in a manner reminiscent of White Apartheid South Africa. Even the Irish, who for 800 years were the victims of British imperialism, were never subjected to such oppression. An oppression which was solely the result of one man, Tony Blair, whose very credentials for having joined the Labour Party must themselves remain in doubt and as a thing of suspicion.

For it is a fact that Blair was recruited by MI5 when he was at Oxford University and his track record indicates that his political mission was not only to destroy the foundations of Labour Party social democracy but to tie Britain in a death-pact of "shared values" with US capitalism. The fabricated 'War on Terrorism' which was a straight import from the Bush cabal was part of that death-pact. As for Brown, the foundations of a British police state having been laid for him, all he has to do is to build upon it and to keep steering the ship of state on that course.

It is in that light that Britz should be seen, where Muslims finding themselves at the sharp edge of 21st century British imperialism, are very much the 'canary in the cage', the first societal group in mainland Britain to experience the new fascism of the British state.

The rest won't be long coming because, having used their fake 'War on Terrorism' in order to destroy our freedom, having used the inherent racism of whites to scapegoat a sector of British society of colour, these pretend 'anti-terrorist' laws will be used, sickeningly predictably, against all those, white or of colour, who disagree with government policy.

Indeed, I would go so far as to suggest that this article will be unpublishable within the next five years.

Britz was a warning to the people of Britain what will happen if they continue to turn their heads away from reality. For, in the name of their fabricated 'war on terror' the real agenda of both US and British capital is to turn their societies into internal police states and external aggressors conducting a war against the rest of humanity on a permanent footing.

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