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Secret State-terrorism Rules, OK?

The recent attack by the fascist, Scottish Judge, Lord (Colin Sutherland) Carloway (picture above), on the lawyer, Aamer Anwar, was not only an expression, on the former's part, of a redcoat arrogance but must be seen as a calculated attack on the Scottish judiciary itself.

The entire Thought Crime Trial against the Scots-born Mohammed Siddique smacks, from beginning to end, of having been instigated by the secret services under the cover of the State. The message is clearly meant to terrorise the British Muslim community into fear and subservience. It is a notable fact that whereas Muslims of colour are being punished thus, whites convicted of similar offences are being treated leniently.

British law, on either side of the border, remains institutionally racist and apparently above any criticism. For if it is the Law then it goes to say, does it not, that the manner in which it is practised must be, without question, right and proper?

Well, certainly in the pompous minds of those such as the stern-faced Colin Sutherland who would have Scotland remain under the iron heel of the terrorism of its ruling elite, his very name evoking the infamous Duke of Sutherland of the Highland Clearances.

Very relevant to the encroaching police state in Britain are a collection of essays, Writing by Candlelight, by the late radical historian, Edward Thompson. Published nearly thirty years ago, Thompson describes how the current police state developed over successive Labour and Tory governments. And significantly how a police state can only grow through the previous existence of a secret state (a state within a state answerable to no one but itself).

Edward Thompson

After all these years and having purchased another copy of Thompson's essays for just one penny from Amazon (40-odd copies left) I am re-reading them with care in order to comment in the hope that readers not familiar with Thompson may see for themselves how Britain's very own brand of fascism has been so long in the making.

Of course, it can be taken much, much further back, at least into Victorian times. The British ruling classes have always possessed a ruthlessness, particularly against its subject races, of the type that later became associated with Hitler. But in the real world it is more likely that Hitler copied the cruelty of British imperialists!

Thus Thompson:

we are now approaching a point of crisis [1980] in which not fascism but a peculiarly British form of authoritarianism, working behind the back of of the democratic process, is now bringing national life within its general closure ... Britain, as we enter the 1980s, has the most reactionary government in Western Europe, which is simultaneously attacking the livelihood and democratic rights of its own people, and accepting, with bellicose subservience, a client role for the state as a station of NATO. In compensation for the abject collapse of traditional British influence and power, Mrs Thatcher is repeating history as a farce, and attempting to mimic (before bored auditoriums) Churchill's post-war role as the leading ideologist of Cold War in the Western world.

Writing by Candlelight, Introduction, p. ix

Now, anyone who has a memory of the old British colonies will know exactly what Thompson means by "a peculiarly British form of authoritarianism" because that's how they were ruled until bankruptcy required them all to be ditched. But authoritarianism didn't just disappear. It returned home to roost in what's now left of the dysfunctional, motley entity still jokingly referred-to as the United Kingdom. The empty ideology of Empire was replaced by an equally fake Cold War propaganda and that, in turn, by the nonsense of the 'War on Terror', a straight import with the former from Washington, DC.

Faced with suddenly having to replace a brainwashing of plebs with Hollywood lies about a Red Menace &c, the British secret state, along with its US counterpart, had to find a replacement to justify its ongoing imperialist ravaging of the Planet. Enter the 'War on Terror' which it promoted simultaneously in both the UK and the US as well as the other Anglo-Saxon countries. Such a promotion simply side-stepped parliaments and was taken-up by a few political figure-heads, such as Bush, Blair, Aznar and Howard, who were fed in turn by their secret services.

About which Thompson observed:

The inter-operation of and exchange of information, intercepts, etc., between British and US security services (CIA, NSA, etc.) is total: ... 'anything and everything would be possible if it was considered necessary to protect the Anglo-American joint Intelligence arrangement.'

ibid, p. 118

And not only did the spooks, in their incestuous, pan-Atlantic relationship, cooperate totally with each other, they both fed and controlled politicians through constant threats of blackmail and political destabilisation. Thompson mentions Harold Wilson's sudden decision to step-down from the premiership as an example of this, quoting Chapman Pincher, "that Sir Harold Wilson said, last year, that MI5 'plotted against him, tried to secure his downfall'," (ibid, p. 121)

Arguing the desperate need for a parliamentary inquiry into the danger coming from MI5 and MI6, Thompson goes on to say, "But the unpleasant truth is that this inquiry cannot and will not be made." (ibid, p. 120)

It is becoming evident that the reason why the Prime Minister, the Government, the Parliamentary Labour Party, and the House of Commons, will do nothing whatsoever about the situation is that they lie under a state of blackmail to the security services.

I know of no historical precedent for this ...

ibid, p. 121

Now, think about this: a rumour has long been circulating that Tony Blair's unquestioning support for George Bush's illegal attack and occupation of Iraq came as a direct result of pressure put on him by the secret services. Pressure of blackmail that would have destroyed his political career.

We already have it from ex-spook, David Shayler, that he was assured by one of his MI5 colleagues they had a dossier on Blair (and many others no doubt, including Brown). So, knowing that the CIA and its British counterparts work so closely together, nothing could have been easier for Bush's rogue cabal to have ensured that he, Blair, stayed in line. And this despite all the more recent talk of Bush not having pressured Blair to support his murderous war.

The conclusion is clear: Britain, from what Thompson warned us of thirty years ago, is run by a secret-state that manipulates elected politicians like rag-dolls. And it is that secret-state that pressured the rag-dolls to legislate away all our hard-won freedoms to replace them with the police state which has come to be.

Meantime, the secret services in Britain continue their totalitarian agenda without any question or challenge from the Mother of Parliaments itself.

In a very real sense, the symbol of the state in the form of the Parliament, has not only lost all legitimacy, sitting in splendid isolation in its Victorian Gothic pile, which just like the government, masquerades as something it’s not, it has also relinquished whatever power it had over the functioning of the state to Blair’s vampires who are in reality ‘asset-stripping’ public resources under the guise of ‘efficiency’ and ‘reorganisation’.

Sooner or later people are going to wise up to what ‘Blatcherism’ has done, the question is, will we have a voice and the means to turn the tide?

William Bowles, Democracy Inaction

How the Mighty have Fallen!

Yet Blair's coup against British parliamentary democracy did not arise from thin air. It followed similar coups by Thatcher and, before that, through concerted attacks against democracy by the secret state and its services in MI5 which, no doubt, were following directives given the CIA by Washington, DC. That must never be forgotten and it's why books like Thompson's must be read and re-read.

For without the Secret State, neither Blair nor his successor Brown, or the Redcoat Judge, Carloway, could get away with the terrorist crimes they continue to perpetrate against the people of Britain.


Addendum: And by a remarkable coincidence this article is published on the very day that the BBC News 24 programme gave MI5 and MI6 a free recruitment ad in its 9AM News. I forgot to mention, of course, that the BBC plays a significant role in Britain's secret state.

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