Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Rebellion has now Arisen Over the Land

It is by no accident that I have invoked the Mother-of-all-Jihads against the would-be dictator Brown and his ruling junta of ministers. There is a rebellion that is burning over the land. A rebellion fed by an anger that has been building over the last six years since that other traitor and war-criminal, Tony Blair, dragged a reluctant people into the killing-fields of Afghanistan and Iraq.

This revolt is now so widespread that it can no longer be dismissed or ignored by either the British state or its servile mainstream media (MSM). And it is coming from every sector of British society, from both its establishment and from the streets and market-places. On the one hand, we see it emanate from hoary old Peers in the House of Lords complaining of the shameless irresponsibility of a Premier who sends ill-equipped soldiers to fight and die in Washington's imperialist wars. And on the other we see it in the total disaffection of Joe Public with the two-party dictatorship and oppressive State apparat that rules over him.

The rebellion that burns today will, I forecast, sooner or later turn into some sort of popular velvet revolution. I can predict that with certainty because, as with all revolutions, it is the growing dissatisfaction and unrest provoked by the oppressive and disastrous follies of the State itself that is bringing this about.

When the Berlin Wall finally fell in late 1989 I was in Lübeck, Germany, visiting an old relative. I remember telling him then that once the old regimes of Eastern Europe fell that, sooner or later, their demise would be reflected in a similar collapse of their mirror-images in the West. For despite all the empty talk about 'democracy', blah, blah, western governments are themselves carefully-contrived dictatorships of one sort or another. There is no true freedom of expression. Dare to express your political views too loudly and you're guaranteed to get a visit from the Men-in-Black. Or worse, especially if you're a brown-skinned Muslim in Britain's racist, police state.

It happened to me in Edinburgh ten years ago just before the first elections to the Scottish Parliament. At the time people were being actively encouraged to take a real political interest and to put themselves forward as candidates for the new Parliament. Having played a very active role, to say the least, in Highland politics in the 'nineties I decided to have a go. Being an anarchist by nature, I formed my own political party calling it Rainbow Alliance Alba (or RAA). The idea of RAA was to form a rainbow alliance of people of all political hues in order to create a true, peoples' party.

Having entered RAA onto the electoral list, I printed out some leaflets and distributed them around Edinburgh and Glasgow. From the RAA leaflet it was clear that my sentiments were unashamedly anti-capitalist and against its wage slavery.

Two weeks later I received a knock on the door and two plain-clothes cops from ostensibly the CID (Special Branch more likely) insisted on entering my home and questioning me about RAA. Very polite they were but still extremely curious about my reasons for standing for the Scottish Parliament. In the event, I assured them it had all come to nothing and that RAA had died a quiet death in the backstreets of Portobello. They went away.

So much for free-speech in Britain.

In the real world, Britain is a parliamentary dictatorship where each citizen is heavily but discreetly surveilled and where no one is very far from the midnight knock on the door. Not even the slightest attempt at political dissent goes unnoticed or is not investigated by an inquisitive State. If you are an Asian, a person of colour, or God forbid, a Muslim, then you're really asking for trouble. So the rule is just keep your mouth shut, don't attract attention to yourself and go quietly about your daily business.

No one seriously believes all that nonsense about democracy anymore. A cynical public is only too aware that that was all ideological crap that was forced down our throats, along with Thatcher's notorious reds-under-the-bed, to keep us standing to attention and in line during the days of the West's Cold War against China and the Soviet Union. Since then not only have all ideas of democracy been ditched but so have any remaining thoughts of individual freedom. The State rules over all.

And that brings me back to the present rebellion and the coming Revolution. Because this will not be led by a Marxist-Trotskyist elite or British Left that is no more capable of organising a revolution than a common piss-up in a brewery. Nor will it be led by some precious liberal-minded pseuds or a foppish and mercenary literati from the intellectual salons of the Internet, although no doubt they will all attach themselves like limpets to anything that might get going.

It will be fuelled, if anything, by a libertarian Right who, in their eyes, see that an Englishman's home is no longer his castle and that a 'Marxist State' (sic) has now encroached upon all that is sacred to the British way of life. And joining them will be the surly middle-classes who see their pensions being eroded and their privileges being taken away. To these can be added the raggle-taggle Left as well as the economically and socially marginalized sectors of the population, all threatened by the encroaching dictatorship of the Brown junta and its farcical ID cards.

Sadly, the Muslim population of Britain --the real canary-in-the-cage when it comes to Britain's encroaching police state-- will, with a few notable exceptions, continue to play the role of a passive victim no different to that of a Pakistani or Bangladeshi waiter abused and attacked by a bunch of racist thugs on a late-night binge. The British State's highly-politicized, racist judiciary will continue to hand out impossibly harsh sentences to brown-skinned 'terrorists' in a manner which would have put their Victorian counterparts to shame. And in Scotland, Lord Carloway and Butcher Cumberland's Red-coats still rule, OK?

The rebellion and the slow revolution-in-the-making will come from precisely the same place where Eastern European uprisings originated. It will have nothing to do with ideological dogmas or Marxist dialectics. It will arise from a common disaffection that people all around the Planet harbour against the encroaching oppression of the State in people's private affairs. Something that already unites conservative and right-wing libertarians with liberal-minded democrats, Christian evangelists, anarchists, armchair Lefties and yer average bloke dahn-the-marketplace.

It will be from that unlikely and unexpected quarter that our dictators will find themselves hauled away by the tumbrils whence, indeed, heads shall roll. For Both Brown and Bush are really now in the very same place that the failing Romanian tyrant, Ceausescu, once found himself.

Up against the Wall.

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