Thursday, November 08, 2007

Would You trust your Life with this Man?

The Independent Police Complaints Committee (IPCC) has produced a damning report about the events two years ago when a Brazilian, Jean-Charles de Menezes, was shot dead with seven dum-dum bullets at close range by three police officers from London's notorious Metropolitan Police.

Witnesses deny that police identified themselves before firing. Dum-dum bullets are a special type of ammunition that has been deliberately weakened so that when the bullets enter the victim they deform rapidly and create a huge amount of damage to the victim’s internal organs, usually causing multiple organ failure and therefore death in very quick succession.

The subsequent court case brought by the relatives of Jean-Charles under health and safety legislation, found that there were no less than 19 separate “catastrophic” failures on the day of the tragedy. The judge, Mr Justice Henrique found “corporate failure, not an individual failure" in the Metropolitan police. It is clear that systematic failure is the responsibility of the man at the top.

In particular, its head, Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair who with an embarrassing record of being a pathological liar and an arrogant would-be dictator, was criticized in the IPCC report for attempting to block the IPCC investigation from ever taking place. This is the same copper who secretly taped a telephone conversation with the then Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith in 2006.

Typical to past form Blair continues to refuse to accept responsibility for the shocking killing of De Menezes and to resign. This despite calls for resignation from all political quarters including the Liberal and Tory Party and the Greater London Assembly. Predictably his allies in Nu Labour through their mouthpiece, Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, continue to support their ideological placeman, Blair, who has done so much to assist Nu Labour's authoritarian style of rule justified by their fake 'War on Terror' which has scape-goated the British Muslim community ever since being told to do so by the Bush cabal after 911.

Whilst Muslims rightly feel targeted by this legislation, the wider public have been drawn into a false sense of security, that these laws are needed to protect everyone from fanatics hell-bent on destroying our way of life and that these laws will only be used on “Islamic Extremists”.

The manner in which Smith insists on supporting the lying Blair (Ian not Tony) shows just how much of a political appointment this awful man in black continues to be in Nu Labour's drive to transform Britain into a full-blown police state after the model the Bush cabal has already introduced in the USA.


Two of Jean-Charles' cousins were seen on BBC News 24 today commenting upon the IPCC's findings. They claim that after these, Commissioner Blair's position is untenable and that he should go. Even were he to go, they said, that would not bring their cousin, Jean-Charles, back to life. The least that should be done therefore is that the police officers responsible for his killing should be tried and brought to account. Until that is done, they said, justice will not have been served.

They also mentioned, in passing, the subsequent smear campaign the police launched against Jean-Charles. This disgusting campaign was then enthusiastically picked-up by Britain's Press in a manner that was nothing less than racist.

www.justice4jean family website

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