Saturday, November 17, 2007

When Reality comes Crashing through the Door

Mohandas K. Gandhi, the leader of India's huge Satyagraha Movement was once asked by the BBC what he thought of western civilization. He paused for a moment to ponder the question and then replied saying, "I think that it would be a very good idea!"

It is a sad truth that in many areas of human rights not only has western 'civilization' not progressed since Gandhi's days but it has actually retrogressed. The ongoing war crime against Iraq is a perfect microcosm of the way that the western world has descended into a new, technological barbarism.

And yet there are those who, ensconced in the distracting comforts of a capitalist Rome that is already burning around them, choose blindly and arrogantly to ignore the reality when it stares them in the face.

One such is blogger Iain Dale, a self-proclaimed right-of-centre (sic) Thatcherite, wannabe Tory MP, "radio pundit" (that'll be Radio 4 of course), Zionist, Daily Telegraph writer, Jack Russell owner and resident of the leafy, upper middle-class avenues of the very Tory 'Royal' Tunbridge Wells, Kent (got the picture?)

In that sickenly smug manner only privileged English overlords have (despite his Scots name) this apologist for the British secret state ridicules my recent piece, A New Dark Age is Upon Us, by not only describing me as an idiot but by belittling the excellent Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK website for having kindly published same on its front-page.

Self-satisfied establishment-hack, Dale (see picture above), goes on to say, "we shouldn't underestimate how widely held these fantasist views are," acknowledging that the public's awareness of the British police state is now beginning to snowball as inevitably it was bound to.

Yes, Mr Dale. You cannot simply hijack a country in the way that several successive governments --and in particular the Brown/Blair regime-- have without people noticing, however hard you try to hide it.

It is no accident I am sure that the British establishment, as Dale has, is now waking up to this reality. Some months ago that serial liar and war criminal, Tony Blair, angrily denied on TV that Britain was turning into a police state. Well, let me underscore the obvious: when a scum-bag like that is provoked into denial you can be sure that the opposite of what is said is true!

Of course, Blair is in a class of his own when it comes to a murderous nastiness that has led to his earning a pariah status amongst even his own people. Whereas the ever-unpopular Gordon 'The Toad' Brown is simply despised as a piece of detritus left behind by the Blair dictatorship. A highly toxic piece of detritus nevertheless as witness the latest draconian legislation invented by his 'Security' Minister, the gormless ex-Admiral West (below), who sees Britain to be at war with unseen forces conveniently labelled Al Qaeda (and we all know who's behind 'the Database', don't we?)

Dale is probably a genial sort who has, on the whole, only the best intentions at heart (especially for himself) while he drives about in his Audi world of self-gratification, privilege and comfort, well insulated from the miseries of life daily experienced by the marginalized, the economically underprivileged and those under daily persecution, mostly Muslims, people of colour and poor whites who due to a lack of education and a resulting illiteracy are treated contemptuously and cruelly by the socially and materially privileged from which his ilk springs.

Dale accuses me of being a fantasist when it is he who has much more in common with a Marie Antoinette who, when advised that the French peasantry was dying of starvation, is popularly thought to have suggested, "Let them eat cake!"

Indeed, Mr Dale. I suggest you review your article in a year or two and then see how far down the totalitarian road this two-party dictatorship of chickenhawks has gone. But, living in the divided and gated world that is modern Britain it is doubtful even then you will be able to see beyond the rose-tinted bubble of unreality you so obviously live in.

So, see you in your nightmares, Iain, where the likes of this author and the millions he represents will haunt you as an unwanted spectral visitation from that world out there you'd rather pretend (Cuchachoo, Mrs Robinson) didn't exist or you wish would just go away as you open another bottle of expensive Montrachet.

Dwell upon that thought, Mr Dale, one of these fine days that reality's gonna come crashing through your door!


  1. Oh, and just to show I'm not biassed, I just promised a Christian calling himself by the ridiculous name of "Lionheart", a BNP scumbag, with instant death. He's probably now studying Viking history to check what I meant.

    I'm not biassed at all. I hate everybody. Do you want Ian Dale sorting too?

  2. It's a very kind offer, Mr Viking. I'm sure Dale would shit himself if he saw you closing in on him in the rear-view mirror of his Audi.

    But I think I've got that twat sorted! ;-)

  3. Anonymous10:10 pm

    I noticed he is complaining about anti-Scottish content of blogs now and that wasn't me.

    Anyway, have you seen today's Observer?

    They've run with the DU Story. I used to have loads of stuff on the Colonie Lead Works. Contaminated fish and all sorts.

    But do you think Bush will now bomb the Guardian, like he did with Al-Jazeera? Maybe Dale too?

    Rense had already picked this one up.

  4. Who's complaining about whom being anti-Scottish. Do you mean that pompous twat, Iain Dale?

    He's just the kind of toffee-nosed, Home Counties git that is so vehemently despise.

    Anyway, I suppose I have to thank him for increasing my readership almost thirty-fold, all those genteel Home Counties pricks wanting to read what the great, unwashed lower classes are saying about them, BOO!

    That DU article is notable for the fact it starts by referring to the effects of DU in the USA and not in Iraq and Afghanistan where it has been actually used against innocent people.