Monday, November 19, 2007

1984 is Now!

Despite the smug-faced comments of wannabe MP, Mr Dale, he of the Tory, Zionist Right, it is daily becoming clear that a backlash is now growing throughout every quarter of the British mainstream media to the police-state legislation announced by Britain's Stalinist Premier-by-Diktat, Gordon 'The Toad' Brown.

'The Toad' because, when flustered as he so often is, he does that funny thing with his jaw as if he were swallowing a fly. And now it looks like The Toad is going to find himself in a constant state of fluster as his public support drops to 30% (like Bush) and he faces a likely rebellion by Labour MPs against his attempt to increase police detention time to 56 days from 28 days, already the longest pre-charge detention time anywhere in the western hemisphere.

The Observer article by Henry Porter simply adds a further dimension to my own, A New Dark Age is Upon Us, which 'Apoplectic from Tunbridge Wells' attempted to dismiss. Ironically, his attempts to fob it off brought 1500 hits to this blog, suggesting that even if the comfortably privileged of the Home Counties might not have much truck with a Scots Eurosocialist they were certainly interested to read what he had to say.

And so they would for despite all the calculated fear-mongering that has been going on in this country ever since the 911 and 77 false flags, and despite their tendency to whinge and moan about things and to look for scape-goats to blame it all on, deep down the Brit remains a sensible type who is not easily taken in by the kind of hysteria that characterizes the average dumb Joe from Stateside.

Things, as Henry Porter rightly says, have deteriorated in Britain where the fear-factor plays just as much a part as it does in the rest of the English-speaking world where the Bush cabal's invented 'War on Terror' has been cynically used as a weapon to bludgeon us all into a planetary Gulag.

US Internment Camp

It is no accident that Britain, which became Washington's vassal-state nearly seventy years ago when Churchill went cap-in-hand to Roosevelt for more money to fight the war, has now the most draconian police-state of all the English-speaking countries. For not only have Washington's London quislings obeyed the Bush cabal's orders in full but it has always been a natural tendency of the British ruling classes who, whilst pretending to be awfully nice chaps, rule over their peasantry with an iron heel.

And every time we hear one of our traitors vow allegiance to their Massah in the White House we are sure to hear the same servile commitment to a "special relationship" which we are now assured is something that nobody else, least of all America, pays any attention to. What the British quislings mean is, of course, coded language for, "Help preserve our capitalist interests so that we can continue to exploit the World while you, America, acts as our Bully on the Block." And so incestuous is the Anglo-American relationship between $ and £ that it's impossible to tell them apart. So dependent is one upon the other that the two countries, along with their Anglo-Saxon relatives in Canada and Australia are now in a Goetterdaemmerung-like nuclear death pact which is already limbering-up in preparation to fight the Sino-Soviet Alliance by taking out its chief ally in Westasia, Iran.

The comparison with Orwell's 1984 is so apposite right down to the contrived terrorist incidents meant to persuade the proles of the threat from Eastasia. And however uncomfortable it may make us all feel so are the comparisons between the Anglo-Saxon police states and Nazi Germany. The style is, of course, different. Howevermuch Bush, Blair and Brown would yearn to strut and pose as Hitler did in the Nuremburg rallies they've never approached the mad, hypnotic power of that Austrian drug-addict who once woke up screaming, foaming at the mouth, claiming that he had seen the Uebermensch (Superman) and was mortally afraid.

What was Hitler's drug-induced Superman but a vision of a future where the horrors of a technologized war would create a hell-on-Earth over vast swathes of land? As they have done with our robotized armies in the Middle East and elsewhere? Perhaps the horror he saw then was no more than the nightmare which we are now collectively living through? Something which as in Nazi Germany has been carefully kept hidden from the people by a controlled, embedded Media?

The new RAF Uebermensch

And now the nightmare comes back where the Holocaust shall not only be in ever greater numbers among the innocent and helpless in the targeted countries but among all those who dare to dissent at the great crime against humanity that is being carried out by evil men in suits and ties who smile as they kill millions only to deny the slightest responsibility for having done so. Untried war criminals.

All things must finally return to their origins.

The open prisons that are now being created by those same suited, smiling men are only at the other end of the horror they inflict daily on their battlefields which lie mostly hidden from the eyes of the news cameras. News is tightly managed before it is regurgitated to the proles. Public opinion is similarly kept on a leash by governments which are in constant fear of the truth being told. The fear-mongering which is used to control the masses is simultaneously felt by their rulers who are also ruled by a fear that the entire lying facade which they are employed to keep up is about to collapse around them.

Dominated by this fear they scheme endlessly to find ways of ever more controlling their populations in order that when the collapse finally comes everyone and everything can be kept tightly-corralled like demonstrators in an anti-war rally.

The Toad currently hiding in 10 Downing Street is the very epitome of this fear. That is why as each day goes by his style of government gets more and more to resemble an hysterical Ceausescu who knows his number's almost up, that people are not going to keep taking his Stalinist dictatorship much longer.

It is time for the people to start mobilising into a broad front against Britain's tin-pot dictators. Of essence such a mobilisation should be one taking-in all shades of opinion in a popular campaign to save and reinstitute the liberties which these common traitors have sought to take away from us. Henry Porter rightly quotes Winston Churchill. What faces us now is in many ways far more insidious than the first Battle of Britain. For today we face an enemy from within: a cabal of traitors. An enemy which should be fought just as determinedly as before for to lose now will mean the end of Britain's story.

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