Saturday, November 17, 2007

Growing Western Totalitarianism: Polish Immigrant tasered to death by Canadian RCMP

(CNN) -- A video showing the last moments of a Polish immigrant, who died after Canadian police shot him with a stun gun at Vancouver International Airport, has been made public.

Watch it here

Robert Dziekanski, 40, was traveling to join his mother, who lives in British Columbia, when he ended up spending about 10 hours in the airport's arrivals area, The Canadian Press said.

The video shows Dziekanski, who had never flown before, becoming agitated. It then shows Mounties purportedly shocking Robert Dziekanski with a Taser device after confronting him. Dziekanski did not speak English.

The recording was captured by bystander Paul Pritchard on October 14 and was in police hands until he threatened legal action and it was returned to him last week, The Canadian Press reported.

"Probably the most disturbing part is one of the officers uses his leg and his knee to pin his neck and his head to the ground," Pritchard told CBC News.

The dead man's mother, Zofia Cisowski, told CBC News that Tasers should not be used by police

"They should do something because that is a killer, a people killer."

The incident is being investigated by police, Canada's national police complaints commission and by the coroner, CBC News reported.


Rory's Comment: Of course, CNN would have to cover its ass by adding "purportedly" when the taser attack is clear for all to hear and see! And what a priceless quote from the victim's mother. Obviously taken well out of context. Can you imagine a dead man's mother coolly making the observation (what incredible sang froid!) that "they should do something"?

Damn right they should but it'll take a revolution for it to happen!

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