Saturday, October 06, 2007

A Reminder of British 'Democracy' in Action


Britain, you were warned by one of your greatest modern historians, Edward Thompson, who in his book, Writing by Candlelight, gave you notice that the militarised police-state the British Government had created in Ulster would soon return to roost on the mainland of these Isles.

Britain, you were too complacent, too lost in your greedy consumer binge, too racist (in this case, against the Irish), too ignorant of reality to take notice of the rapidly-encroaching police state that British capitalism had been spawning in one of its last colonies.

Now you are obese, unhealthy and psychologically sick and the police state has turned your Island into an open prison camp.

So, as a timely reminder before events on the banned 8 October Anti-War march in London, I dedicate this video to help tweak your memory of what exactly it is that continues to rape, destroy and engorge itself on Albion's children.

Don't blame some bureaucrat in Brussels for your woes, look at yourself in the mirror and see where the blame truly lies! It is with your rulers and your cowardly inability to stand up against the tyrants to regain your liberty!


  1. Hey, I can also give you the Tolpuddle Martyrs.

    This is what I mean; British people are so f**cking dumb. This is why I left in 1974, and why I'm going again. You pay them an extra ten pence an hour and they'll grass up all their mates. Give them a blue uniform and they'll stitch up their own grandmothers. Give them a Knighthood and they'll eat sh*t. Ask Sir Bono.

    And if they were really interested in overturning the stinking system, they would be voting communist, but you sell them the house they live in, so that they think they own the land, and they don't. How many of them check who owns the mineral rights? And, of course, Rothschild owns their mortgage.

    They're all such good Christians too, but they forgot to read that part about the love of money being the root of all evil.

  2. Thanks once more, Lord Cerne for the inspiration & getting the blood goin'! So dumb are the dumbed-down dummies they forget a history rich with the radical lovers of freedom.

    But then, how much of that was taught us in the sausage-factories called schools? Damn all! Most of it we had to find out for ourselves.

    That's why, as I get older and discover more I become redder & more radical & going against the grain it seems. Maybe I should rename my blog that, Against the Grain.

    Hey, Lord Cerne. If you do decide to migrate elsewhere, I hope you'll keep in touch through your blogs. The Planet still needs you!

  3. Yes, funny that them forgetting so easily. Peggy Lee used to have a song with that title, remember?

    Oh and they forgot about loving their neighbours as well and dragged God into all their wars. Poor guy must've cracked-up by now, wondering what kind of monsters S/he created!