Monday, October 01, 2007

Daniel Pipes
Victims of Washington's Hate War?

Who are the big players behind the nebulous network of 'groupuscules' that form the racist, Islamophobe organisations and their internet blogs and websites?

The Number One suspect must be the virulently anti-Islamist American Zionist, Daniel Pipes*, who though keeping himself scrupulously free from the European bigots has his works freely advertised on many of their sites and is most certainly one of their fellow-travellers.

Pipes, whose father, Richard, played a leading role in extremist think tanks fabricating a 'Soviet threat' was responsible for pressuring the Reagan administration in the 'eighties to trigger a new Arms Race. It was that Arms Race that led to the basing of medium-range Cruise missiles in Britain and continental Europe and which led to the doctrinal strategy of a European Theatre of War and "pre-emptive" First Strike.

Pipes Jr would have been weaned on extremist, Strangelovian doctrines of the need to establish US world dominance by nuking the opposition first. Coming from a Jewish Zionist background, he grew up to be a sworn enemy of both Muslims and anyone who might oppose the Zionist takeover of US Foreign Policy. With that other madman, the self-declared 'Barry Goldwater Conservative', John Bolton, Pipes is part of a shadowy group of neo-fascist 'conservatives' who, through Cheney and with support from that other rogue, Bush, continue to dominate US Foreign Policy.

The more one examines the racist Islamophobes the more one is led to suspect that the hidden hand of various secret services whose interest it would be to infiltrate these groups must play a significant part. Now, we have it in a public statement made by the Danish-led SIOE/SIAD group that this is, indeed, the case. Washington is trying to unite the European anti-Islamic groups in a fabricated 'War of Civilisations' along the lines originally devised by the nasty Samuel Huntington, one of Humanity's major public enemies.

"... American foreign policy forces were interfering. Apart from wanting to stop the islamisation their first priority is still American foreign politics. Now they try to unite anti-islamic parties in EU, which apparently seems as a good idea, but remember, their efforts will still be on their terms."

from SIOE and SIAD
Danish Islamophobes, it appears, may hate Muslims but they are no great fans of US foreign policy either. Clearly, that paragraph must tell of a harrowing experience of infiltration by Yankee spooks which, given the nature of SIAD's anti-Islamist campaign, was entirely predictable. Any group that sets itself up against Islam, in the current atmosphere, must expect to be infiltrated by the Yanks, whatever manner it chooses to go about its inflammatory campaigns.

And not only by Yanks but others like MI6 and Mossad, all who have an interest in keeping alive a fake 'War of Terrorism' and cultures. The recent show trial of Mohammed Siddique in Scotland and the highly suspicious Glasgow 'bomb attack' has shown how Gordon Brown's administration are continuing with the insidious, Washington-led campaign to stigmatise and persecute Muslims and people of colour as terrorists and undesirables. It has exposed New Labour's leaders as closet racists, always willing to play the race card to their advantage. Groups like SIOE and its Danish sister-group SIAD fall right into the hands of these opportunists.

I hear from my fellow bloggers that there is far more to the SIOE-led 26 October march than meets the eye. Watch this blog with interest. Some of what I have mentioned above may, at the end of the day, prove to be much more than mere speculation, pointing clearly to the shadowy figures in Washington's mega-militarised planetary hate-war.


* I have had a complaint that Daniel Pipes is not a Zionist at all but simply someone from the CIA working to destabilise the Middle East. I have asked the complainant to submit an article which denounces Pipes and establishes that he is not a Zionist.

The problem, it appears to me, is that the term Zionist has come to include a large group of people, not exclusively Jews but Christian fundamentalists as well. The term has, very likely, become corrupted in the same way that 'anti-semitic' is now considered to be solely Jewish, confusing a religion with ethnicity.

Perhaps mistakenly, I understand a Zionist to be one who promotes 'Eretz Israel' (Greater Israel), something which could never be obtained without territorial acquisition, violence and more war. If, as a Gentile, the assumptions being made about Zionists are incorrect then I look forward to their correction.

I am aware that there are many Jews, both in Israel and across the world,
who would like to obtain a peaceful settlement with Palestinians, Arabs and other Middle Easterners and who do not support the right-wing extremists currently in power . I consider it most important that non-Jews should be giving that group of peace-makers all the help we can.

When we fail to do so it is neither religion or the state whose future lies at stake but the lives and well-being of innocent people on this Planet.

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