Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Israel, Israel Army Radio, and Haaretz: Spinning the threat of a nuclear war in the Middle East
Les Politiques

Iraq will have to wait: Get ready for the War against Iran
by Scott Ritter

Russia evacuates entire Bushehr Staff

Iranian news outlet claims nuclear experts packed their bags Friday, increasing speculation of imminent US/Israeli attack

US plan for air strikes on Iran 'backed by Brown'
The Independent


  1. Thanks Rory for linking to the post and to my blog. I often read your comments at Stef.

    Technorati has been acting in a very erratic way and cutting in my links. I just realized that my blog is in your list now and will reciprocate right now.

  2. Thank you, Sofia, for the link. I don't understand why but the readership to my blog remains unacceptably small.

    So any links to it are helpful!

  3. Rory,

    Just to reassure you, the technorati ranking has very little to do with the readership. Mine is very small also. Technorati measures the amount of both permanent links to your blog and links within a three months period.
    But one can assume that readership come with the links. One has to be patient. There are some very agressive self promoting bloggers there and I think technology can help. I know for example that my blog is not very well equipped.