Monday, October 08, 2007

Out with Britain's Number One Traitor!

Gordon Brown is rapidly heading towards becoming the most despised political clown in Britain after Tony Blair.

A clown certainly, albeit a very dangerous one

This solemn, rather bovine Presbyterian hypocrite is not only continuing Blair's mission to turn Britain into a police state but, by supporting the criminal Bush's intention to launch a nuclear attack on Iran, is likely to become an even greater war criminal than his erstwhile leader.

The cowardly traitor Brown must be removed from an office which he inherited and to which he was never elected.

Any means of removing this traitorous usurper of our rights would be justifiable.

"Brown's offered excuse for not holding the election until 2009 is that he wants the opportunity to lay out his 'vision for the future' before standing for election. So far, the vision includes massive international violence, domestic wage cuts, creeping privatisation, vindictive attacks on the young, more prisons, cuts to public services, national chauvinism, and three cheers for the British Empire."

Out with Britain's Number One Traitor!

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