Friday, October 05, 2007

War-criminal Brown's Last Stand against the People?

Despite the panic-stricken Gordon Brown's attempt to ban the 8 October Stop the War march the organisers have received legal advice from the civil rights group, Liberty, that the government has no legal basis on which to ban the march. However, Liberty has warned that that will not stop the fascistic Metropolitan Police from making arrests and treating protesters violently.

The veteran, 81-year-old peace campaigner, Tony Benn, the Stop the War President, has declared that he will lead the march which has received support from various well-known people including Shami Chakrabarti (Liberty), Walter Wolfgang (Labour Party NEC), Bob Wareing MP, musician Brian Eno, comedian Mark Thomas, author Iain Banks, poet Benjamin Zephaniah and playwright David Edgar.

It is hoped that thousands will defy the ban and march anyway and this writer not only endorses the march but encourages all who can make it to London on Monday, 8 October to do so and to march against the war criminal, Gordon Brown, and his associates.

"This is rather a ham-fisted attempt to prevent us from demonstrating," said comedian Mark Thomas. "What the government and police do is up to them. We will just ignore them and we have the moral and logical high-ground. I will be marching on Monday 8 October."

"The authority for this march derives from our ancient right to free speech and assembly enshrined in our history," wrote Tony Benn in a letter to the Minister of the Interior (Home Secretary). "It is only fair to tell you that the march will go ahead, in any case, and I will be among those marching."

"A protest demanding all the troops out now is of national significance. To try and stop that protest is a major interference with free speech. The march should go ahead whether it is formally permitted or not," says the octogenarian CND activist and member of Labour's National Executive, Walter Wolfgang.

"It is depressing that our democratic rights are being whittled away bit by bit," said poet, Benjamin Zephaniah. "We will look back and wonder how this happened. They wouldn't get away with this in one go. First an arrest for reading names (at the Cenotaph), then a ban on marches. What will be next?"

"If people aren't allowed to have their say on all our streets, what kind of Parliament are we meant to be defending?" asks theatre director, Michael Kustow.

Brown's sense of timing seems always to be fatally flawed. First the spin-op in Iraq that went wrong and which is pressuring him to call a November election and then a combined government/police decision to crack down on the civil rights of the British people no different to the one recently imposed by Burma's dictator generals. Past accusations made by Brown's Labour colleagues of his being a Stalinist control-freak have been proven exactly right.

What hasn't been made so public yet is his nature of being a devious bastard who is determined to go ahead with the Blairite implementation of a police state where anyone --Muslim or no-- may be arrested and banged-up on trumped-up, Kafkaseque charges of 'terrorism' and kept under lock and key for even longer periods of time.

With a few others, this writer has tried over and over again to warn Britain that that was exactly what the fake 'War on Terror' and persecution of Muslims was leading to.

Indeed, since the staging of that entirely criminal venture, 911, followed-up by its home-grown sequel, 7/7, this writer and others have been putting out a wake-up call to the sleep-walkers that not only were both these events black ops but that they were leading, like the Reichstag fire, to a totalitarian clamp-down on all our societies.

Now that clamp-down is happening before our very eyes!

And yet the lumpen masses appear to go about their business with their heads stuck up their backsides. Oh, it won't happen to me so long as I keep my head down and behave myself, they say to themselves like guilty little school-kids. That's what the lumpen masses always said to themselves before the dictators came and ground their faces into pulp. And if the lumpen masses are unable to learn from history then perhaps that is all that they deserve.

As for the honourable individuals who, like Tony Benn, insist on their historic right to march and to preserve the constitutional rights that courageous individuals like him in our past were able to wrest from feudal rulers, these people are somehow larger than life and are to be celebrated as contemporary freedom fighters and social leaders. They stand in their own light, shining over the grey mediocrity of the lumpen masses who are entirely responsible for dragging us ever deeper into the new dark age that is already upon us.

Some might call this analysis merciless and elitist. Well they might but, in this writer's consideration, it is time for the cowardly complacence of the herd not only to be identified for the mess that we're in but for a funeral wreath of collective responsibility to be put on its head.

When arrests and police violence break out next Monday, you can be sure that well-placed agents provocateurs will ensure that the violence is made to look as if it comes from the crowd and not MI5 spooks. Pre-positioned TV cameras will be ready to document the clashes and to send the message out to Britain and the world how 'violent anarchists' were behind the trouble that led to police retaliation and mass arrests.

The police might not use tear-gas and fire on the crowds. But they may well use tasers, leading to the deaths of victims with heart conditions. Will they be carrying sub-machine guns or will those be only restricted to those immediately surrounding the Houses of Parliament? Will the police manage to keep their self-control or are they deliberately planning a confrontation in order to justify the further draconian measures being presently legislated?

Whether or not they choose confrontation to justify putting Britain under permanent Emergency Law remains to be seen. What is unquestionable is that, confrontation or no, they are surreptitiously going ahead with that intention in mind. Anyone who doubts this should read the CACC statement below.

Is there any remaining doubt in the reader's mind that the State is now truly the Enemy of the People?


In an article to supplement this, I will develop this argument further and argue for the urgent need for a popular revolution in which the Nation State is banned and replaced on a global scale by bioregional, highly decentralised people's parliaments supplemented by a global, resource support network using a protected internet.


  1. Anonymous10:41 pm

    Well we might be convinced of Tony Benn's freedom-loving credentials, if we didn't remember this:

    Benn is the biggest hypocrite of all time, on a par with Peter Hain, the anti-apartheid protester, who takes us to war for Israel.

  2. The business with Radio Caroline was an awful long time ago when Benn was in Wilson's government.

    But people do change and the fact is that Tony Benn is one of the few leading figures in contemporary British society that still stands up for basic freedoms.

    I don't agree with him about everything. For example, I think the call for a Referendum 'on Europe' is a right-wing manipulation which is anti-Human Rights and will have us return to being subjects, not citizens.

    But on this issue I support him to the hilt.

  3. Anonymous11:22 pm

    The freedom-loving British government in action, with their sledgehammers.

    Why do you think only 20% of people bother voting? They'll probably machine-gun everybody at the march. They had plenty of practice in Northern Ireland.

  4. Anonymous11:31 pm

    Of course, with the British Government, this might be a more appropriate song:

  5. "They'll probably machine-gun everybody at the march. They had plenty of practice in Northern Ireland."

    What you say is true about Ireland. It was the British Army that opened fire on a peaceful crowd on Bloody Sunday.

    And I have a horrid feeling you may be right about Monday. I'm sure the police will provoke violence in order to retaliate with violence. This will then give the unelected Brown junta the green light to come down even harder on what few freedoms we have in the open prison camp they call Britain.