Saturday, October 13, 2007

Christine Louis-Quéré: Daniel Pipes is not a Zionist.

It is said that Daniel Pipes is a Zionist. I must emphatically negate any claim by this Neocon to the right to call himself a Zionist.

Typically and in character with holders of the most fascist and extreme right political views, Pipes is clearly working as the head of hidden organisations.

Those neo-nazis that attach themselves to him do so with the intention of spilling blood on a world scale, thereby allowing supremacists and US Neocons to divide and rule.

This network appears as a kind of underground organisation with cowardly little types such as the anonymous ‘Grouik-Grouik’ acting as intermediaries alongside other internet groups such as, SIOE (Stop Islamisation of Europe) etc. repeating the same sentiments and implicit conclusions. As soon as an article, characterised by manipulative language understood by his savants, appears on Daniel Pipes’ hate propaganda website you see all his grubby partisans spring into action with their destructive poison.

I am a Zionist and a Socialist.

David Ben-Gurion had on his work-desk a bust of our Comrade Lenin; he referred to Lenin as the Prophet of the original Revolution.

The enemies of the Land of Israel are my enemies; the enemy’s of Israeli pro-US Neocons are my friends.

That is clear enough. I would rather present Zionism as did the Jewish Communist, Herbert Pagani, in his song 'L'etoile d'Or' and commentary, 'Pleading for My Land'.

Whatever Pipes may pretend to be one thing is sure: together with his colleagues, using intellectual terrorism, he is a purveyor of racism, anti-semitism and war.These people worm themselves into every available organisation, even authentic Zionist ones, in order to putrefy thought through using their grey propaganda.


There exists an incredible underground relationship between holocaust deniers, revisionists, neocons, sectarian groups, evangelists and Trotskyists! Naturei Karta, Dieudonné, National Front, KKK, Tribu Ka,, are some of the groups working to destabilise European institutions.Who profits from this? Not you, not me, only a Capitalism which remains unchanged in character since it supported and financed Hitler in the ‘thirties. At this point it is necessary to point out that the present Iranian regime behaves like George Bush, using the same scare tactics to repress their own people and restrict their freedoms.

Despite our individual political or philosophical convictions, world peace requires mutual respect between nations and religions. A round table is thus called for.

Pipes’ politics does not work in that direction. He is Bush’s CIA-funded agent!

And we certainly don’t need any lessons from Bush in regard to his grandfather’s participation in the Holocaust.

If Pipes is able to work with a family which has never apologized for the criminal acts of it forefathers he’s got a serious problem. For us it’s a question of decency.

The Goebbels Big Lie technique they use has been exposed, it’s just a case of time before they burn out and shut down.

As Bush himself said, “The game is over!”

We return the compliment.

Christine Louis-Quéré, 7th of October 2007


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"Freedom is never offered but torn from the hand of the Oppressor"



Hashomer Hatza'ir - Zionist socialist youth movement, founded in Europe in 1916, to prepare Jewish youth for kibbutz life in Israel. In addition to Zionism, its ideology meshes Jewish culture with universal culture and values and it retains strong ties with the left-wing kibbutz movement today.

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  1. Christine, this is a very interesting article which certainly puts the spotlight on Pipes and his underground allies in the SIOE, Grouik-Grouik etc.

    And the existence of a Gaullist Left-Socialist Party is something that I had never heard of. To bring together Left Gaullism and Guevarist Marxist-Leninism is certainly an unusual concept!

    It is also useful to know about the Zionist Socialists. But one thing is missing here which constitutes the major issue behind the current Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

    When the Zionist Socialists decided to make a Jewish homeland in Palestine they didn't appear to anticipate that the taking over of someone else's lands would cause.

    And that 'someone else' are the Palestinians who had been living there since time immemorial.

    The sudden and artificial planting of a predominantly European culture in a country of Arabic peoples was a recipe for disaster.

    The disaster which is with us now. So how, if at all, did the original Socialist Zionists propose to deal with this problem and how do the contemporary Zionists view it?