Sunday, October 07, 2007

Now the Proof: We are worse than the Nazis

"In 1945, ordinary Germans said that 'they didn’t know' that the Jewish Holocaust was happening. The same excuse cannot be used by the citizens of the US Alliance, notwithstanding the continuing lying by commission and omission of racist, holocaust-ignoring Mainstream media – the awful truth is only several mouse clicks away."

According to Dr Gideon Polya (article below), during the regimes of Bush I, Clinton and Bush II EIGHT MILLION West Asians (Arabs etc) have died. If this is correct then it means the US, Britain (and Israel) together have committed war crimes far in excess of anything the Nazis did.

It proves that the capitalist system is far more dangerous and destructive than even the gangster, Hitler. I am not blaming nations or cultures. I am blaming capitalism and the state. But as most people still gullibly believe in nations then, in their terms of understanding, the joint responsibility must remain with those nations and their peoples.

It will be difficult for people in the West to accept the reality about their governments but those of us who prefer honesty, however unpleasant, have no choice but to face these facts now.

"Respect for women and children is a fundamental norm of decent human societies. In the face of horrendous man-made mass mortality, decent people are obliged to INFORM EVERYONE and to ACT ETHICALLY in their investment, business and social dealings with complicit people and countries."

This genocide has been racist and anti-semitic.

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