Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Police State UK

UK in emergency U-Turn re banned march

Indymedia Ireland

BBC following up the rear

The UK government's attempt to ban a march in support of bringing troops home from Iraq is scuppered by strength of popular resistance.
Gordon Brown looked set to make an ass of himself protesting the suppression of democratic freedom of expression in Burma while at the same time banning a peaceful demonstration in Britain, under threat of police suppression. Under new legislation the British government would have been'legally' entitled to physically restrain protestors, thereby drawing a direct and relevant comparison between scenes in Burma and on the streets of London. But that embarrassment was neatly avoided. The first sign that a volte face had occured was when the BBC started to report that the protestors were 'claiming' that a ban had been imposed! Desperate stuff. See 'Lenin's Tomb' website for ongoing updates on the situation:


Bear in mind folks, that the UK is a country that arrested a woman protesting in the vicinity of Downing Street for the crime of reading out a list of UK soldiers who had died in Iraq. She was regarded as a terrorist threat.

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