Wednesday, October 10, 2007

British Plods going Berserk on Govt-sponsored Terror Trip

The British plod (policeman) was never renowned for his intelligence.

The Plod is told what to do and he goes out and does it. His employer, the Government, knows how stupid the Plod is and deliberately manipulates him to its advantage.

The latest fashion in town remains the Plod's heroic War on Terror. As witness:

Boy in court on terror charges

This concerns a 17-year-old boy, a juvenile whose name cannot be mentioned, who has been charged on two counts of terrorism.

The first charge relates to the possession of material for terrorist purposes in October last year.

The second relates to the collection or possession of information useful in the preparation of an act of terrorism.

He stood in the dock wearing a baggy, blue hooded top and only spoke to confirm his name and date of birth.

After the 40-minute hearing, the teenager was released on bail under several conditions.

Regarding both charges, "It is alleged he had a copy of the "Anarchists' Cookbook", containing instructions on how to make home-made explosives."

Now, what a load of bollocks this is! Anyone, I repeat anyone, can download a copy of the Anarchists Cookbook by simply going to

So here, once more, we have brain-dead British plods pinning terrorist charges on any poor sod who's caught with a copy of a book freely available on the Internet.

First it was the wannabe terrorist, Dhiren Barot, with his clumsy, Mittyesque home movie showing upturned buildings. Then it was the hapless Mohammed Siddique who terrified the shit out of a bunch of Presbyterian Scots numpties calling themselves a jury. And now this poor lad.

Apart from being brain-dead, having smelly socks and jock straps, the sweaty British Plod is known for his authoritarian, bullying nature. And the persecution that is now going on in Britain of young folk whose only sin is that of wishful thinking and a fertile imagination is very much in the nature of the brainless, bullying Plod let off his leash by a cynical, cowardly bunch of respectable gangsters calling themselves 'the Government' headed by he-does-that-funny-thing-with-his-mouth-
like-a-frog-swallowing-a-fly, Mr Brown.

Gordon, if only you could read the minds of those such as I who so thoroughly despise you and your miserable hangers-on, you'd have good reason to indict us and half the nation on your nonsensical terrorist charges! And the more you condone this kind of institutionalised terrorism, the more hated you will become.

Better start checking under you bed everynight before saying your prayers, Gordy. You never know what you might find there just waiting for a chance to jump on you when the lights are off. It might be that Presbyterian conscience ... if you've still got it.

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