Monday, October 22, 2007


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To advance reconciliation between Jews and Roman Catholics, Pope John Paul II promised to allow scholars to examine Vatican’s secret archives for its possible connection to the holocaust. One of the first scholars given permission to examine these archives is Prof. David I. Kertzer. His findings are published in his book “THE POPES AGAINST THE JEWS: VATICAN’S ROLE IN THE RISE OF MODERN ANTI-SEMITISM.” In one of the chapters, Prof. Kertzer conducts a detailed analysis of more than 36 anti-Judaism and anti-Jewish articles written by the Jesuits. These articles, in time, became the foundation of modern anti-Semitism, and a catalyst to the holocaust.

To keep alive the Papal tradition of hate for non-Roman Catholic religions, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, right after becoming Pope Benedict XVI, selected handful of elite Jesuits as his “special papal troops” to combat the rise of Islam in Europe.[1] The chief amongst them is one Egyptian Coptic Jesuit Father Samir Khalil Samir. His articles and interviews are spread all over Catholic-centric news portals. This paper briefly explores the history of Jesuits, their role as “papal shock troops,” and a critical analysis of Father Samir’s anti-Islam, anti-Muslim writings.

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