Friday, June 15, 2007

The USUK's Uranium Wars: worse than Hitler's Genocide

Uranium Wars: here's something else you're just not going to hear about on the mainstream media (MSM).

Yet this is the reality: since the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the US, Britain and the rest of what is called the New World Order has been conducting a systematic program of genocide --or population reduction as it is euphemistically called-- with the use of one or another form of radioactivity.

The fact is that the United States and its military partners have staged four nuclear wars, "slipping nukes under the wire" by using dirty bombs and dirty weapons in countries the US needs to control. Depleted uranium aerosols will permanently contaminate vast regions and slowly destroy the genetic future of populations living in those regions, where there are resources which the US must control, in order to establish and maintain American primacy.

Described as the Trojan Horse of nuclear war, depleted uranium is the weapon that keeps killing. The half-life of Uranium-238 is 4.5 billion years, the age of the earth. And, as Uranium-238 decays into daughter radioactive products, in four steps before turning into lead, it continues to release more radiation at each step. There is no way to turn it off, and there is no way to clean it up. It meets the US Government’s own definition of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

(Global Research)

While the Washington neocons continue with their unrelenting campaign to get Bush to attack Iran, an attack which will invariably use nuclear fissile 'tactical' weapons with a yield of anything between one third to seven times that of Hiroshima-Nagasaki, a silent uranium war is being conducted by the US and Britain in Iraq and Afghanistan and by their proxy, Israel, in the Lebanon.

The conduct of secret nuclear wars since 1991, through the use of depleted uranium weaponry by the United States and Great Britain with their allies, has taken place in the Middle East, the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Lebanon. It has been carried out for the express purpose of destroying the public health and mutilating the genetic future of vast populations in oil rich and/or pipeline regions.

Silent because this is a war which is simply ignored by a compliant and complicit MSM. Having embedded themselves so deeply with the war criminals the MSM is just as much part of the genocide which is going on. Naturally, it doesn't like to be compared with Nazis but in the real world what its NWO masters are up to is something even worse than the Nazis perpetrated: permanent genocide through irradiating vast areas of the planet.

Depleted uranium is the ideal weapon to bring about the New World Order, which is global depopulation. In just a few years it has turned Planet Earth into a Death Star.

For populations that must continue to live in contaminated areas, the long-term effects are lingering illnesses and mutilation of their DNA. Widespread depleted uranium contamination of DNA in populations results in the potential mutilation of future generations. Mutations induced in the DNA of a single egg or sperm which form a fertilized egg are expressed and repeated in every cell of the developing organism, and defects are passed on to all future generations.

In a recent article, Leuren Meuret reveals how the planning of uranium wars was intended as an effective method of depopulation:

The blueprint for depleted uranium radioactive poison gas weaponry – dirty bombs, dirty missiles and dirty bullets – was contained in a declassified memorandum dated Oct. 30, 1943. It was addressed to Gen. Leslie Groves, who was head of the Manhattan Project, the U.S. effort to build atomic bombs in World War II.

The recommendation for development of depleted uranium as kinetic energy penetrators was never mentioned in the Groves memo. It was specifically for depopulation.

The Groves memo makes it clear that in 1943, U.S. scientists recommended using radioactive poison gas weapons in order to contaminate the air, water, soil, food, environment and the blood of exposed populations. The long-term contamination is permanent, since uranium-238 has a half-life of 4.5 billion years, making contaminated areas uninhabitable for eternity.

And more recently:

Depleted uranium poison gas weaponry, used on a regional scale, meets U.S. National Security Council goals as stated in the “Global 2000 Report: Vision of a Gloomy World” (1980). This report recommended that depopulation in third world countries was imperative to the U.S. government purpose of securing mineral and other strategic resources.

Global atmospheric pollution from depleted uranium particulates will result in massive depopulation on a global scale. By increasing death rates and decreasing birth rates globally, more than 2 billion people will be eliminated.

We are not simply talking about intention here. Uranium wars are being conducted secretly in Iraq and Afghanistan where DU-tipped bullets and shells are being widely used and DU bombs being dropped on the population. The evidence of what this causes is both plentiful and horrific. Yet it is being ignored by both governments and anti-war groups.

If ever there was proof that the wars conducted in our name are those of the Fourth Reich, well then, here it is. What is being perpetrated by our governments is nothing less than racist genocide. So get used to it: our leaders are mass-murdering Nazis and by letting them get away with it, we're no different to those Germans who pretended they didn't know about the concentration camps.

DU expert Leuren Moret to address Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference on depleted uranium

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