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G8, Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission

And while about the G8, world government and the Bilderberg Group, let's not forget Bilderberg's sister club, the Rockefeller-funded Trilateral Commission. While European conspiraloons tend to focus, quite understandably, on Bilderberg the Trilats are very rarely mentioned.

Why is this so, especially when it is the Bilderbergers who are the more secretive of the two?

Bilderberg was founded, in the early 'fifties, as essentially an Atlanticist group meant to bring together capital's big business interests in Europe and North America. At the time it was feared there was a real danger that western European countries might adopt a neutralist outlook and, in consequence, be pulled into the hegemony of the Soviet Union. Hence, it was natural for the great and the good in both Europe and North America to conspire together in exclusive 'private clubs' like Bilderberg to prevent that from happening and to keep democracy (ie western capitalism) alive.

It was through no accident then, that the group gets its name from the Hotel de Bilderberg in Oosterbeek, Holland, where it was founded with the late Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands as its figurehead.

The Trilateral Commission sprang from the Bilderbergers when one of its principal members, Esso or Standard Oil's David Rockefeller came into conflict with his fellows over whether to include Japan in the club. To introduce an Asian economic power into what was a club of rich Caucasians, it appears, was simply not on!

So Rockefeller funded and set up the New York-based Trilateral Commission in 1973 with Zbigniew Brzezinski as its intellectual architect. Significantly, its inaugural meeting was held in Tokyo.

The Trilateral Commission has a strong working relationship with the Council on Foreign Relations, itself the sister group of the UK-based Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House). It is divided into three regional sectors, North America, Europe and Asia. Many of its leading members are also Bilderbergers with the same mutual interests for the development of globalization, the so-called economics of 'neo-liberalism' including wholesale privatization of anything that moves, the new world order and corporate capitalist totalitarianism.

When conspiraloons refer to the mysterious Illuminati it's easy enough to dismiss them as fanciful conspiracy nuts. The Illuminati appear to have existed in past centuries. A seventeenth century Grand Master of the Order of Freemasons, the Duke of Brunswick, once accused them of having infiltrated masonry using black magic, mesmerism and the art of suggestion to program victims.

“I have been convinced that we, as an Order, have come under the power of some very evil occult Order, profoundly versed in science, both occult and otherwise, though not infallible, their method being BLACK MAGIC, that is to say, electro-magnetic power, hypnotism and powerful suggestion. We are convinced that the Order is being controlled by some Sun Order, after the nature of the Illuminati, if not by that Order itself.” #

Whether or not the Illuminati still exist in name or in some other form, such as the masons, is an interesting question. But what is clear enough is that organizations like Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission not only fit the conspiratorial description given to the mysterious Illuminati but, in the more prosaic light of day, that it is they who actually deal with the nuts and bolts of manifesting the new, totalitarian world order.

So, to avoid being dismissed as a conspiracy nut or a conspiraloon (a term proudly used by blogger, Stef Zucconi, in the face of supercilious sniggering from the MSM's whores) it makes eminent sense for activists to focus on groups such as Bilderberg, the Trilats and the CFR as the obvious conspirators whose history is there for anyone who cares to research it to see.

Anti-globalization activists are advised, therefore, always to refer to Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission in conjunction as complementary 'private clubs' behind the G8.

For these are REAL organizations whose raison d'etre is an ongoing conspiracy. The mainstream media dares not mention them because it would be more than its jobs are worth. The MSM work to promote them. Hence their conspiracy of silence about the conspirators.
But if you, too, are a conspiraloon who likes to do his or her own research I would recommend you to do a search for the "Trilateral Commission" using your searcher to find its website and reference in Wikipedia and so on.

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This story is now at Bellaciao ,, Infowars and Prison Planet

Trilateralism: The Trilateral Commission and Elite Planning for World Management by Holly Sklar, South End Press, 616 pages, ISBN 0-89608-103-6.

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  1. Tri: Meaning "three"

    Lateral: Meaning "of or pertaining to the side...."

    There are at least "tri" "laterals" to every story, even the Queen's.

    But don't worry about any of that tangible stuff with well documented histories and cutesy symbollism, what we need to worry about is the goofy allegations that these people ("they", it rhymes with "grey") are shape-shifting, blood-drinking, reptilian lizard-types because that is really the problem that the world faces, not International Capitalism as run by the people and groups with well documented histories and cute symbolism.

    Become a proud and unrepentant member of the Conspiraloon™ Alliance: We'll keep on fighting - and we'll win!

  2. I quite agree. I mean, why are reptiles being demonised, anyway? Reptiles might be creepy but so are some humans. And reptiles just live their lives whereas humans are the most destructive of all the rest of the species put together!

    The whole thing about reptilians is not just an insult to the intelligence but it distracts the gullible from the real problems facing humanity.

    It's bad enough trying to fend off the cynical attacks of the MSM about real issues like 911 and the conspiracy behind the fake War on Terror.

    The MSM won't dare talk about the Bilderbergers and the Trilateralists because they'd be fired on the spot if they did, the former being their employers.

    But why demonize reptiles and give them attributes which even real reptiles don't have?!

    I think these reptoid freaks are confusing their horror-story imagery with the reptilian hindbrain which is an acknowledged part of the human brain, providing us with a survival flight-or-fight reflex mechanism.

    Oh well, it takes all kinds I suppose.

  3. I found this interesting comment at the foot of this article published in Bellaciao:

    Well presented, but not, as you hint, equivalent to alien abductions and the like. The Trilateral Commission, which has been systematically ignored by nearly all media, revolutionized American politics. David Rockefeller, essentially an introvert without his brother’s sociable skills, created quite an organization. Indeed, get your hands on the TR literature dating back to ’75 and there you’ll see virtually all of Jimmy Carter’s Administration listed , from Cyrus Vance to Brezezinski. Why is this important? Because Rockefeller - a Republican and politically correct mercantilist - saw the opening created by Jerry Ford’s stumbling moment in the sun. Realizing the Republicans had no chance, he - almost like Citizen Kane changing the newspaper’s staff - moved a rather conservative Globalist group into the White House.

    Sure, Carter talked about the poor, but he was far too ineffectual to do anything about traditional, Democratic issues. And Rockefeller was sure of that. He also had a sense that Carter was destined for only one term, which is why he in particular was chosen, as opposed to more prominent candidates. Which set the stage for Reagan, and from that foundation, came the Neocons.

    In retrospect, there hasn’t been a genuine FDR-style Democrat in the White House since LBJ. Regardless of what you think of Clinton, he was bolstered by the growth in tech stocks, IPOs, and and a boom that was inevtiable with or without him. Also, he followed much of Newt Gingrich’s Contract with America, i.e., repealing affirmative action, etc. Arguably, Clinton was the best Republican president in the modern era.

    Why the Centrist positioning? Why rely on Dick Morris to guide him through the maze? Because he didn’t want to end up like Carter - the dustbin of history personified.

    Last but not least, check out "The Crisis of Democracy" written in part by Samuel "The Clash of Civilizations" Huntington in 1976, that is if you can get your hands on it. In it, the three writers posit that the problem with democracy is, well, too much democracy. It’s startling, really. It’s virtually the same argument that was explored by the Neocons in response to the unrest in the 60s. Why did those rebellious kids storm the castle? Becuase they could. Why? Because they were too free? Too much democracy.

    Unfortunately, what many people, particularly on the left, never seem to get, because they’re obsessed with chasing conspiracies, is that since 1975, the move to the center and the right, ranging from religious fundamentalists to Neocons, as well as TR, is well documented. You could hold up in a library for the next couple of years and never finish reading all the substantiation for the New World they’re been creating for over 30 years, ranging from George Gilder to Arthur Laffer, Milton Friedman to the PNAC.

    This movement - conducted mainly by civilians and intellectuals - is not remotely like the secretive Masonic rites, the Illuminati or the fabled Elders of Zion. There are no secret handshakes. Every word, every plan, from the Zionist protection of Isreal to the neoimperialist reorganization of the Middle East, from lower taxes for the rich to the nouveau brand of Monetarism that strensously aims to dampen inflation regardless of the harm it may cause the middle class is right there in black and white, or should I say, black and blue.

    As far as I can tell, the elaborate scenario that suggests WTC 1, 2 and 7 were wired with explosives - as well as all the concentration being devoted to this one issue - is a waste of time. WTC 7, by the way, was loaded with supplies, many of them flammable and explosive because it was designated as a storage depot for emergencies. But, let’s say for instance a sinister American team did these things. Long before they set a fuse in place, or trained Islamic hijackers to fly, or aimed a rocket at the Pentagon, the Republic was in peril. Not because of what happened in secret meetings but because of what happened right there in plain sight. Right there for virtually everybody to ignore.

    More and more W. is being compared to Adolf. Certainly there are mysteries and secrets regarding the Third Reich. But for the most part "Mein Kampf" was candid and comprehensive and was often given as a wedding gift. Just as the future was right there in front of millions years before it happened, so too has the future been there for Americans to see. But, somehow they’ve been far too busy to pay sufficient attention. Too many of them are still studying the Zapruder film looking for the man on the grassy knoll, or examining charred remains from 9/11 looking for the bogeyman. Hey America, the bogeyman’s in office and he’s been doing everything his scriptwriters told him to do and if you care to spend a few worthwhile hours you too can find out what’s really going on.

  4. And my reply (feels like I'm talking to myself here!):

    Thanks for your detailed and interesting comments. It’s good when someone treats a subject in depth as you do. My article, as you know, describes just the tip of the NWO iceberg. It was meant to point out the glaring omission that so many anti-globalists make by obsessively focusing on the Bilderbergers.

    Many of them don’t seem to have a clue about the Trilateral Commission so when you mention it to them you are greeted by a silence! I can only attribute this dangerous lack of awareness to the fact that the mainstream media whores -certainly in Europe- never mention the Trilats as it’s more than their jobs are worth. In North America, the conspiracy of silence is not so tightly controlled so you do get to hear about them from time to time.

    All the more reason why the European anti-globalists need to be woken up.

    I’ve included your comments on my blog article which you’ll find at

    I take your point about the futility of going on and on about whether or not the WTC buildings were detonated. But the 911 affair in its entirety IS very significant because it was the excuse that Bush, Blair and their ilk used to start a phony “war on terror” and to introduce a raft of totalitarian legislation as well as to upturn the Constitution in the USA and Magna Carta and Habeas Corpus in the UK.

    So, in that sense, 911 was a premeditated event meant to create an artificial watershed. Blair let the cat out of the bag when, in a speech not much later, he said to the effect that the ‘kaleidoscope had been shaken’ and when the pieces fell into place a new world order would have come about.

    You are, of course, totally correct to condemn the Illuminati/Reptoid freaks whose inanities just give the more serious investigators a bad name. It is ironic that it is the very media whores who sniggeringly refer to ‘conspiracy theorists’ who, in refusing to publicly discuss influential groups like Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission are the worst conpirators of all!