Saturday, June 30, 2007

Steve Hillage, 1977
Steve Hillage

Steve Hillage is, without doubt, one of the greatest rock performers ever. Yet he never earned the fame that The Rolling Stones or the Beatles achieved. Whereas the latter are still known to younger generations, Hillage is forgotten.

Hillage was more interested innovating synthesizer music than making money, holding free rock concerts performing with other geniuses like Tim Blake and the Crystal Machine. Yet these were the classical musicians of that time.

So, hoping to create some new interest in this amazing musician, here's a German recording of perhaps his most popular tune, The Hurdy Gurdy Man.

This is a much younger Hillage to the one mixing the synthesizers for System 7 below!


Google currently displays several Hillage videos including eight recordings made at the Otto Hahn Schule, Bensberg, Germany in 1977.

See also Antares' blog,

Steve Hillage: From Hurdy Gurdy Man To Techno-Trance Wizard

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