Monday, June 25, 2007

Brown's first nullify the trade unions
Posted on MEDIALENS , June 25, 2007

[Blair's successor] Gordon Brown's first wish (or should I say New Labour mark 2) is to curb the "power of the unions within the labour party" thus the new grand master has decided to end the link between the founders of the Labour party.. no discussion with the TUC or unions who have bankrolled and supported labour since they founded it.

Mind you there was a world of difference between labour then and now, at least there were some socialist principles of equality, there was a programme of public ownership for the benefit of all. Not now, turning a pale purid shade of pink, labour has been taken over by the middle class oiks who inhabit the wine bars of Islington, Notting Hill and other trendy enclaves. No experience of working class life or struggle, no fending hard for a living for these "intellectuals".

The plot looks to be turning our British political party system into a US style "Democrat v Republican" one. No real choice except which party can run capitalism better.

Proportional representation has hardly been mentioned by Labour, why risk their hold on power to let Greens or real Socialists into parliament?

The media's commentators hardly mention proportional representation I have never heard Grandmaster Brown being asked if he supports PR or not. Keep it on the backburner the idea may be forgotten.

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