Friday, June 15, 2007

Craig Murray's Blog under Attack

Blair government whistle-blower and ex-UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, has been victim to hack attacks on his blog recently.

Some days ago, his blog was down for over 48 hours. So I wrote him, asking him if it was an attack. He replied,

Yes, it was an attack - here is more from my tech people:

"Latest update is that the attack is still ongoing and every time the server is brought back up, the attack brings it straight back down. As soon as the attack abates, the server will be back."

The blog is back up but I understand there's a mirror site, just in case.

So why should Her Majesty's spooks suddenly decide to attack Craig?

Is it anything to do with the fact an ex-UK Ambassador with a sense of old-fashioned integrity has dared to go public, as he has, to comment upon the insidiously corrupt nature of not only the Blair government but those in the establishment, incuding the MSM and the BBC, who back him?

Was this attack meant to intimidate him? If it was I suspect it'll take more than that.

Read Craig's blog here

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