Saturday, June 09, 2007

Pleiades Constellation
2012, a Moment in Fractal Time

For those who didn't get to see this first video, posted last March, here it is again. Today, I achieved my sixtieth year so I'm celebrating it with you all by offering you these meditative gifts.

Based on the significance of the calendric year 2012, the first video is a beautifully constructed interpretation of what many, myself included, believe this moment in time means.

The Maya, it is believed, understood how astronomical events within our galaxy cause deep psychic changes in planetary life forms. So they tracked time in order to chart these events over vast cycles.

A long cycle of over 5000 years, finishing in October 2012 (Gregorian calendar) brings us to the end of the entire count and what is referred to as 'the End of History.'

Two interesting video workshops I have previously included here on this topic are by Ian Xel Lungold and Michael Tsarion.

Some Quotes from the Video

The message of war is over. War has actually been over for a while now, but malignant behavior persists through the greed of demons whose power depends on a steady diet of blood sacrifice.

War does not work.

As a method of acceptable interaction it is over.

The behavior of war will no longer occur the very instant enough beings become aware.

Humanity is amnesiac.

We do not remember what we have learned, despite the deep passage of time we have collectively experienced.

However, there is a code, a trigger, placed by ourselves at the very birth of time, woven into the fabric of existence.

This video is seeded by that code, presented in various ways.

It is a visual cue, a mathematical constant, present in every shape and aesthetic choice in the entire universe.

It is inescapable, and yet we manage to shield our eyes from what its presence reveals about ourselves --most particularly about our role as the original authors of physical existence.

We wrote the implicate order.

The Hindu bhajan in the soundtrack praises the Lord Shiva, the deity who deconstructs reality and rearranges it.

The second video is a visual meditation based on a Mandelbrot fractal zoom.

More Fractal zooms here


  1. A couple of my own thoughts on this 2012/ Alien stuff that people like Michael Tsarion are pushing

    There may or may not be something to it. There's plenty of evidence that suggests human prehistory has been misrepresented and even more evidence that there are some fruity little secret societies out there which plaster their symbolism all over the place


    That it no excuse or reason to...

    a) pass responsibility for all the sh^t that's going on in the world to alien space beings. It's the fault of people, many of whom whose identities are known

    b) sit back and wait for 2012 to come around. Many of these 2012 prophets are essentially preaching inactivity for the next four years

    I sat through the Tsarion video you linked to earlier on (I think I got the link from here) and I was struck by how he seamlessly blended fact and fantasy and blurred the distinction between the two. He's clearly a smart cookie and must know he's doing. I'm still not 100% sure what his game his

  2. Yes, I agree with you. Tsarion comes up with some pretty dodgy comments such as, "Notice how greys don't blink an eyelid if you take their children away from them."

    He does come over as a sensationialist.

    Ian Xel Lungold, however, is trustworthy. His workshops are longer but well-worth listening to.

    Pity about Tsarion because he does come up with some interesting stuff as well.

    The 2012 video interprets the significance of the date from a Hindu-Buddhist perception with which I have no problem. I can accept their view that demonic forces do exist and affect the human psyche.

    However, that in itself is not a sufficient explanation for wars as endemic to capitalist arms production having become part of national economies and the Military Industrial Complex.

    Mandelbrot's fractal theories are not only fascinating but introduce a holistic view of physical reality. He is one of those rare creatures: a visionary scientist.