Saturday, June 23, 2007

Blair as Mideast Envoy: Putting the Fox inside the Chicken Coop

Apparently the mediocre Peter Sissons of the UK's lying, sensationalist mainstream media (MSM) is taking seriously Bush's suggestion that Blair should become a Mideast envoy!

No mention of Blair's war crimes in that part of the world. Of course not. That's taboo and more than Sissons' job is worth who, like his baggy-eyed colleague on Channel 4, Jon Snow, will now be looking forward to retirement and being put out to pasture.

Yet the suggestion, no matter how fatuous, has been made and we of the disloyal opposition are obliged to address it. So let me refer you to a recent article, Reasons why Tony Blair will be a Bad Mideast Envoy, by Mr Jalil Bahar, a former Iranian diplomat.

The Brits screwed the whole thing up and have a bad reputation, they have systematically leveraged US assets and power, their idea is basically to get the US to spend the blood and treasure to further British interests, there will be lies, lies and more lies from the Brits, they have just polarized the whole Islamic world again by mischievously giving Salman Rushdie a knighthood, recommending Blair for this role is just plain dumb.

Of course it's dumb, no question of that. After all the havoc and destruction caused in Afghanistan and Iraq and with around a million dead, to put Blair in again is to put the fox in the chicken coop. And yet you can see why Bush is so attracted to the idea.

For Blair is more than Bush's toady, he has all along been an enthusiastic warmonger, keen to spill the blood of Her Satanic Majesty's subjects in the name of the Anglo-Saxon empire, even when (according to Condi Rice) he was told that it would not be necessary.

No, Mr Sissons, the only place that Tony Blair should be going to is the Hague for trial and from there to a place of lifelong penal servitude. As you appear to be such an enthusiastic promoter of Blair's war crimes perhaps you should join him with the rest of the whoring MSM.

How Could Blair Possibly Get This Job?

From The Trial of Tony Blair

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