Thursday, June 28, 2007

A fellow pissed-of Brit, George Orwell

Letter from a Pissed Off Brit

Just now I'm feeling fed up about chronicling the dreary old events of politics, having watched today the departure of the charlatan, Blair, and his replacement with another, Brown.

The king is dead, long live the king and all that.

So Blair is, after all, to be the envoy of death for the New World Order! In a recent article I suggested this was rather like putting the fox inside the chicken coop. It reminded me of a rather naive letter I wrote Blair in 1999 suggesting he should act as an honest broker in the Middle East. He seems to have taken my advice.

That was before he started to brown nose Bush and to behave like a fully paid-up member of the neocon Project for a New American Century. So exactly how much honest brokering we can expect is very much a moot question. As always, first and foremost will be oil and the ongoing need of the NWO capitalists to wage their resource wars. A leopard doesn't change its spots, I might add.

Read 'The great deception continues - as must the effort to expose and indict the guilty.'

Nowadays, I record the news on several major UK channels and fast-forward back each track to see what's of interest. Today's news, of course, was full of Blair's departure and Brown's arrival. Hardly any coverage was given to the protests going on outside Downing Street and to the thousands lining the streets booing, catcalling and giving Blair the finger as his armour-plated Daimler swished by on its way to Buckingham Palace for his last meeting with Her Satanic Majesty.

Notably, it was the Blairites who pack the BBC these days who gave almost zero coverage to the Anti-Blair demonstrations. A reporter, I forget who, did make the contrast between the day Blair arrived victoriously at Number 10 in 1997 when the cheering thousands lined the streets with today when there seemed to be more press reporters than crowds, cheering or otherwise. He could have added that that indicated how bored and pissed off most Brits are today with all politicians.

So, just to cheer ourselves up, and with grateful thanks to Antares, my dreamwarrior bro in the forests of Malaysia, here's a colourful promo clip from the Sarawak Rainforest Musical Festival.

There's a real, beautiful world out there.




  1. Hey Kosmik, you sound down. Always remember that the darkest hour is just before the damn.

  2. "Damn": was that deliberate or a Freudian slip.

    Yes, perhaps with the Dawn this unspeakable criminal Bliar will be damned.

    He has already been damned by his people, something that the craven media dare not own up to.

    How can they? They are complicit in his crime. May the tumbrels roll!