Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Synthetic honey and GMO bees?


France - 2 July 2003

In a harrowing article, Michel Dogna, health journalist from France, sounds the alarm about what may be one of the biggest ecological catastrophes developing right under our own eyes - and no one seems to be watching.


Image credit: Sepp 5 July 2003

As the bees are being decimated by a toxic seed coating agent, our entire food supply is threatened. Plants need bees for pollination, especially the plants we grow for food. Obviously, our busy friends are not part of the equation of the global chemical and food cartels.

What a pity - good bye bees - good bye humanity!

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Where Have All the Bees Gone?
And Other Reflections on the Internationalization of Genocide, by Fidel Castro


  1. Thank you.

    So, it's a toxic agent put on the seeds by the folks who brought us genetically modified foods.

    I was watching. Though my theory looked different.

    I couldn't figure out whether they'd already been tampering with the genetic make-up of the bees and it backfired or whether they were going to come riding over the horizon like white coated calvarymen bearing The Solution to the dying bee "problem" - they've got new and improved uber bees for sale to the highest bidder and anyone who can't afford the price of 21st century pollination starves.

    Which makes me wonder: did they engineer a mass die out for profit?

    Naw, they're not that nasty, short sighted, greedy or stupid. They've got ethics. They're smart.

    This is what I wrote about the bees a little while back http://darkdaughta.blogspot.com/2007/03/if-this-was-sci-fi-novel.html

  2. Thanks for mentioning this blog on yours. Interesting that the only notable world statesmen reported having commented upon the bees' disappearance was Fidel.

    At 80 years of age Fidel's intellectual abilities remain far in excess than the dumbos who get most media coverage.

    Says a lot about the quality of the international media, don't it?

  3. I mostly try not to look or listen when the dumbos talk. It's difficult, though. Increasingly their words are parroted by so many people who don't old positions of power.

    Thanks for the response and for the original blog post.

  4. You're welcome, dark daughta. I've got your site as a link on mine now.

    Yes, 'dumbos' is about right as much of this parroting going on seems to be the result of a deliberate 'dumbing down' process which has been happening on both sides of the Atlantic in the Anglo-Saxon countries for some years now.

    Most dumbos, if you point this out to them, will squawk back 'Conspiracy Nut!'. Shows how very dumb they are.

    Since the late 'seventies the various governments of the rich, capitalist countries have been deliberately running-down their education services and standards to ensure that future generations are deliberately discouraged to think about or question what they are taught.

    There is an organisation called the Trilateral Commission financed by the Rockefellers and founded in 1973. It's a big international club of politicians and businesses from the rich countries.

    Back in the late 'seventies they agreed to implement this rundown of public services, including further education, and to implement a widespread dumbing-down process to turn the proles into total zombies.

    Hence, the situation we have today. As the Ayatollahs say, it's satanic, of the forces of dajjal (deceit).