Thursday, April 05, 2007

Capitalism & Other Kids' Stuff


Written and produced for the World Socialist Movement by Paddy Joe Shannon, this 51-minute video is an excellent introduction to the 'reality' of the world as we find it today and the real possibility of another reality in a post-capitalist society.

"Most of reality is politics," he reminds us. The human being is, by nature, a political creature. So what kind of reality has politics created? A Blue Pill matrix reality where we are all conditioned into believing that capitalism is not only right and proper but that it's the only way of life.

Within this 'reality', more precisely a consensus-reality, all politicians play the same game of administrating the capitalist system. They all have the same frame of reference, they all think within the same box. They, like we, are all imprisoned in the same cell.

The Blue Pill reality which created a hell on earth is now collapsing all around us. A native American word for it is "Koyaaniskaatsi," or breakdown. Breakdown at every level, macrocosmic and microcosmic. According to the Mayan calendrics this matrix reality comes to an end within the next four years!

Perhaps that's why the idea of a post-capitalist society based on equality and common ownership is now more real than it ever was. Money has already been all but abolished within contemporary capitalism which, given its way, will replace it with magnetic-strip credits on an ID card or personal microchip.

A world of proles and, in cases like me, 'non-persons.'

But capitalism will continue to insist on the gross inequality of wealth ownership that creates so much misery on a Prison Planet of haves and have-nots. Globalization is its new imperialism under another name.

Only we can change it. Only the prisoners have it within their power to free themselves.

Start with this video!

World Socialist Movement

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