Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Great 911 Deception & its Reptilian Effect

In their nightmare plans for the future of humanity, 911 was meant to be a symbolic act of terror, a gateway into the nether world of humanity's knee-jerk, flight or fight, reptilian mind. A mind based on fear and negative emotion.

About a month before the US Presidential elections in 2000 I had an overwhelming sensation of a huge cloud of evil enveloping humanity. In my mind's eye I saw a bottomless black pit into which this evil would drag us down to imprison and enslave us there for another entire cycle of the ages, to control us with an icy grip right down to the molecular level of being.

This force was truly reactionary. It was anti-evolutionary, of the reptilian mind, desperate to stop humanity from moving on to a more enlightened age on this Planet.

At that time, I wasn't paying much attention to the US elections. Switching on the TV one day, I saw George Bush and felt an emanation of the same negative energy I had felt before ever seeing him. I realized that this man was totally under the trance of that negative, anti-evolutionary, destructive force. Everything that has happened in the last seven years has confirmed those intuitions in an unbelievably horrific way.

On hearing about the attack on the Twin Towers, I felt that same dark vibration. Except this time, it had an element of black comedy about it. The entire reportage of that event had a sense of comic-book unreality, as if what we were being shown was somehow unreal, fabricated. Since then, it has even been suggested that what we saw as airplanes hitting the towers were, in fact, holograms.

Well, that theory had more than a whiff of disinformation about it and I merely mention it here to illustrate the feeling of unreality I got about an incident which, right from the start, felt to me as if it had been staged with the intention of terrorizing the public both in the US and elsewhere.

I couldn't swallow the official spin we were being given about Bin Laden, 'Al Qaeda' etc. I knew, I just knew because my intuition told me, that the terrorists behind 911 were George Bush & Co and the manipulators in the shadows who (a) had him nominated as a presidential candidate, (b) were behind the electoral fraud and thuggery in places like Florida, and (c) ensured that a thoroughly corrupted judiciary selected Bush in favour of Gore. And then it was repeated in 2004 when (d) several electronic voting machines 'malfunctioned' in favour of a Bush victory.

That is why I cannot bring myself to acknowledge Bush as President. He is not and should never have been allowed that office. He is, to put it bluntly, a usurper. He's a rogue and a criminal mass-murderer who, in the seven years, since the White House was first hijacked --yes hijacked, terrorist-style--has destroyed our constitutional freedoms and brought a terrible suffering upon the world's innocents.

No one in the MSM, either in the US or the UK dare say this. If they did they'd be fired on the spot. So you're just not going to hear anything approaching the truth on Fox, CNN, Sky, the BBC or Britain's 'independent' channels. They're all under the total control of that same dark force that forced Bush on the people of the US and the world. They're all part of the lying-machine whose purpose it is to keep the Bubble of Unreality afloat, to ensure that we, the common people, remain sleep-walkers unaware of the terrible thing that has befallen us.

That is why there is such a huge reality-gap between the MSM and the blogosphere where anyone is (at this time of writing) free to express themselves. And folk like me have Bush and Blair to thank for making us into bloggers. For it was only after another state-sponsored false flag event in London on 7 July 2005 that I decided to start this blog and to call it Chimes of Freedom, acknowledging the dark cloud of totalitarianism which the Bush-Blair Axis of Evil had cast upon the world.

Yet, this is still chickenhawk terrorism, hardly comparable to the Hitler kind. Not yet. Not in the West, except for the periodic staging of a terrorist event to shock and traumatize us all into a state of helplessness and cognitive dissonance1. The blitzkriegs the Bushes and the Blairs are conducting are against the innocent and the weak in Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa. True to chickenhawk nature, they can only pick on the defenceless. But the hidden forces that put them into power and keep them there are far worse, quite capable of planetary holocaust if things don't go their way.

In their nightmare plans for the future of humanity, 911 was meant to be a symbolic act of terror, a gateway into the nether world of humanity's knee-jerk, flight or fight, reptilian mind. A mind based on fear and negative emotion.

A knee-jerk condition of mind which was deliberately fostered by Bush and Blair to make the uninformed believe Saddam Hussein was behind 911 and that a CIA-created organization called 'Al Qaeda' is behind all the manufactured terrorism, while the real terrorists hide behind this projected 'reality'. The purpose of their evil game, for which they should be punished with hard labour for life, was to deliberately manipulate humanity's reptilian mind in their lust for unconditional power.

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1 'Cognitive Dissonance': See this blog's archives for February 2006: 'Cognitive Dissonance and the New Amerikan Reich,' Tuesday, February 14, 2006.

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