Sunday, April 15, 2007

Brown in a moment of forgetfullness?
"Shared Values"?

Yesterday, Gordon (he does that funny thing with his mouth like a frog) Brown, Britain's Blair-in-waiting, got to meet that little prick doing an illegal squat at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Naturally, the BBC made a big thing about it, speculating on its significance and timing.

Frogface is interviewed during which he emphasises the "special values" shared between the two countries. Given the widespread anger and disenchantment that the average Brit feels for the Blair-Brown oligarchy and its brown-nosing of Bush, someone should remind him that he speaks only for himself and the tiny elite which presumes to run a disUnited Kingdom.

These "special values" are always assumed, never questioned. Only at emotional moments will the quislings nail their imperialist colours to the mast and reveal --as Blair did before dragging his country kicking and screaming into committing a war crime in Iraq-- that the destinies of Amerikka and Britain are intertwined in an unspoken racial hierarchy.
"For what they oversee and perpetuate is a vicious racial hierarchy, which manifests itself on practically every axis of life: in the labour market, the prisons, healthcare, the education system and cultural production. That is on a national level: globally, the British empire has been supplanted by the American one, but British soldiers still do their bit for the international racial hierarchy."

This, of course, is the Bush-Cheney-Blair troika's great 21st Century Crusade for Freedom and Democracy against the evil, terrorist Islamic hordes. Instead of 'freedom 'n' democracy' it's much simpler to say 'corporate capitalism' or fascism but we mustn't say that must we because that would give our game away, wouldn't it?

Calling a spade a spade only a professional journo such as John Pilger would dare refer to Blair as 'Duce'. As usual, Pilger's got it exactly right. Not only are contemporary fascists like Blair the antithesis of true democracy but they even strut around in the same macho Mussolini-like way. Though I have to say that when it comes to strutting, chickenhawk Blair doesn't come close to either Musso or Adolf who really had the art of the thing.

As for Frogface, his accession to the throne, should it ever come, will be the greatest non-event of history, celebrated only by a self-indulgent MSM that has really nothing better to do than regurgitate within the bubble of unreality it's paid to keep afloat the 'shared values' of an inherently racist, corporate capitalism (read fascism).

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