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The Shift of the Ages

e've done this before. We have experienced radical shifts in the cycles of time and consciousness here on Earth. Many Indigenous traditions have identified the time in which we are living as a period of major shifts. Our ancestors foretold this time of awakening for humanity. They spoke of a transition in consciousness that would enable us to be co-creators of a golden period of peace. Why now? Why us? Why are we the ones who have to face ourselves?

Many different Worlds have existed in the past. Each had a different understanding of what is, and what is not. They saw reality through the eyes of their period and lived out their free will in the context of that era. They were here, and now they are not. Some say they are still here. What we do know is that world's have come to an end by unimaginable planetary catastrophes. Stories told by Indigenous elders reflect some of these large-scale transitions. These stories were passed down from generation to generation and honorably memorized for future consideration. Some regard these stories as fantasies or in some cases as the ravings of mad men. What do you think?

A growing number of people in our world are aware that we are living in a time when we will open our minds eye and see our current life situation for what it truly is. This is not a time for analysis paralysis or dissecting the obvious and forming new commissions to study the outdated. This is a time to visualize new alternatives and co-create the future of our dreams. It is a time to wake from our slumber and remember who we are, and why we are here. This is the great human transition that was predicted by our ancestors.

According to the Mayan Calendar, a 5,200-year cycle closes in the year 2012. This event is the death of the 4th period of the Sun, and the birth of the new 5th Sun. Civilizations of the past who were participating in the prior reality Shifts helped the Creator evolve the situation to where it is today. At some point the collective fell asleep at the wheel. But, at this moment there is a growing anticipation by our mainstream public that something big is on the horizon. Think about this because this is huge! We are focusing on an event that will give us liberation from a parasitic system, and a reason to awaken and regain the forgotten technologies and powers that were suppressed through time. This is the event prophesied by many of our ancestors in the various world religions. It's the necessary "flipping" in our reality that sets us truly free, and it's right on schedule, just as predicted. Do you feel this in your own life? Do you have anything brewing internally? It's something we are experiencing externally as well as internally.

We are at a point in evolution were the whole image is preparing itself to be viewed. It's a "relative realization" due to the fact that we are at the pinnacle of so many different and amazing situations. People are making miracles happen everyday, things that were physically impossible in prior years. We're testing our realities and know that we are getting close to making a big decision; what do we desire for our future? When the mainstream starts making it "cool" and "trendy" to care, it's obvious you are in the middle of a Shifting Age.

As the Earth grows smaller the effects of our footprint are unavoidable. We see the damage everyday and accept a path of destruction from some outside force. However, there is no outside force independent of our-selves. We are it, and it is we. Small shifting occurs in our personal realties on a daily basis that gift us new perspectives of beauty. We mirror these experiences to all of the other eyes and ears that the creator has created. We exist as a collective body, and this collective body experiences cosmic adjustments on grand scales. These cosmic Shifts gift us new rules of life engagement. The beauty contained in the Shift we are going through is that our technology and willingness to take action will create miracles. The fact that communication can be made to virtually every part of the world gives us the opportunity to unite the light and ignite. We are doing this now. We are healing the world!

The Shift of the Ages is an affirmation that focus is being redirected from the problems themselves to the active participation in the solution. The Shift of the Ages Film allows a coolness to care and create. It's a celebration of oneness, and the honoring of diversity. It's the recognition of the heroes of truth who have sacrificed their personal gratification to help expand consciousness through the unification of progressive intention. It's a dismissal of fears and a calling forth of conscious choice. It's energetic weaving and the spiritual networking of our peacemakers. The chessboard has been set and we've already begun moving the pieces. We are the Shift of the Ages. We are the ones we have been waiting for. With this transition from the 4th period of the sun to the 5th period of the sun we actively participate in the outcome. How we transition, when we transition, and where we transition to is ultimately up to us. This is the Shift of the ages!


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