Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wren Turney's Knickers & the Royal Navy at War
The aftermath of the captured Brit sailors business descended first into farce and then into a nauseating performance by pseud celebrity WRN, Faye Turney, denouncing the behaviour of her captors --"I thought they were measuring me up for a coffin" when they were measuring her for new clothes-- and excusing her earlier confession by claiming, "I decided to play the dumb blonde."
She didn't have to try very much.
Watching this self-possessed, obese brat declaring to the world how she was going to give her side of the story I couldn't help feel that by the time the gutter press had finished with her she would have become the laughing-stock of both the Royal Navy and her country.
The MSM's attempt to turn a not-very-intelligent Turney into a celebrity and heroine was nothing short of disastrous. Her lurid descriptions of captivity ("They took everything apart from my knickers ... I whispered, there's going to be a rape involved in this") reduced the affair to an unintended farce.
Blair and his clownish Minister of Defence, Des Browne, were so mightily embarrassed by it all that they and the Navy were reduced to using words like 'tacky' to describe a fiasco from which "lessons would be learned."
The corridors of Whitehall which, during the dispute, had resounded with the dropping of several monstrous clangers now echoed to an endless passing of bucks. Playing to form, Blair dissociated himself from his minions' decision to allow the service personnel to publish their stories while putting the blame for doing so on those who had suggested that the MoD had intended a clumsy attempt at cheap propaganda which had backfired rather badly on it.
Now, the Iranians have announced their intention to release a film showing their version of how the British navy personnel had been treated. No prizes for guessing that this, too, will be another victory for President Ahmadinejad in an asymmetric war against the combined military might of USUK imperialism presently encircling and threatening his country.
While the intention of Blair and a compliant media led by his mouthpiece, the BBC, had been to discredit the Iranians in the eyes of the world the outcome, where the Brits have been exposed as unaccomplished liars, has been very much the opposite.
What no one in that media has dared to point out yet is the manner in which a lying British government joined forces with a psychotic wannabe US President to misuse, abuse and bully the United Nations Security Council, turning it into a weapon against the victims of their choice.
This same media prattle on about Iran's "defiance of the international community." Oh really? Since when did Bush, Blair and their neocon friends get the monopoly on that phrase? Probably in that same moment of hubris now trapping them and their mercenaries like the glue of bad karma in a repeating time warp.
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