Sunday, April 22, 2007

BBC = Blair's Broadcasting Corporation

In the Blue-Pill Matrix world, the BBC is a news service which disseminates an impartial view of daily events. In the real world, it is nothing more than a shameless and servile tool of the British capitalist state and, in recent months, a mouthpiece for Tony Blair's neocon, very-British form of fascism.

This message has to be repeated over and over until the public out there are disabused of the lies perpetuated by the BBC that it is a benign teller of truths. If it tells the truth then it is very much a western capitalist, Blue-Pill version meant to accomodate the views of Britain's ruling elites. It is very much a minority truth, totally out-of-step with the vast majority of Brits who do not support its warmongering propaganda.

Far from being the benign, somewhat avuncular, cricket-loving animal it is so often portrayed as, the BBC is a very nasty, well-organised, international mouthpiece for genocide and the repression of true democracy. In other words, it remains true-to-form, a remnant of Britain's imperial past; a remnant which was taken over sixty years ago to serve the old imperialists' successor, the United States.

Hence the BBC line is more or less Washington, DC's line. A line which will change according to whoever might be occupying the White House at any given time. And when it comes to British affairs, you can be sure that there is a hotline between 10 Downing Street and the BBC Newsdesk. You and I are simply at the receiving end of this news-by-diktat.

Today, the BBC's vitriol is reserved for Hugo Chávez and the Bolivarian revolution. The BBC is giving extensive coverage to a protest that took place in Caracas over the Venezuelan government's refusal to renew the broadcasting licence of right-wing Radio Caracas TV (RCTV).

RCTV played a significant anti-Chávist role during the failed 2002 coup when it deliberately broadcast misinformation about what was going on.

During the April 2002 coup attempt RCTV was one of the main protagonists in the organization and execution of the coup. It was the first to broadcast the false claim that Chavez supporters were shooting at opposition demonstrators, which then served as a justification for high level generals to declare their disobedience to the government, also on RCTV.

RCTV then had exclusive interviews with coup plotters and the talk show host Napoleon Bravo read Chavez’s supposed resignation letter on RCTV. Later it turned out that the letter was never signed by Chavez and that he had actually not resigned at all, but had been taken into custody.

When the coup began to falter and thousands of demonstrators took to the streets in support of Chavez, RCTV refused to provide any news coverage of the developments and switched from 24-hour news coverage to the broadcasting of old cartoons and movies instead.

(, 3 January 2007)

Of course, the BBC report doesn't mention any of the above. In its news release on the Net it presents the demonstration as a popular uprising of "thousands" countered only by a pro-Chávist demonstration of "hundreds." Well, anyone who has been on an anti-government march in Britain will know how good the BBC is at misreporting numbers so I, for one, will reserve my judgement on the BBC's 'hundreds' v. 'thousands' in Caracas.

The report was then carried on BBC News 24 which is satellite broadcast all over the planet. That report conspicuously omitted any mention of a counter-demo and concentrated, instead, on what appeared through the magic of the editor's cutting-room to look like the beginnings of an anti-Chávist uprising. All in the BBC's dreams.

Now, imagine the failed coup had taken place not in Caracas but --as in my own dreams-- in London. Not against Chávez but Blair and not with RCTV but the BBC. How would Tinpot Tony feel about renewing the BBC's licence?

In fact, the comparison is not far wide of the mark. The BBC, under Greg Dyke's directorship, did challenge Blair about his serial WMD lies which legitimised the invasion of Iraq. For having dared to do so, Dyke 'resigned' (he had no choice) and was replaced with one of Blair's toadies, Michael Grade. Ever since that time the BBC has been reduced to playing the part of the neocons' whoring mouthpiece.

All that took place in the Red-Pill world which the BBC is prohibited from reporting. Unlike the BBC's reactionary bosses who would find themselves out of work in an anti-capitalist revolution, Greg Dyke commented significantly on his 'resignation' that, being financially independent, he hadn't taken the director's job for the money. You can be sure that no British government will ever make a mistake like that again!

Meantime, spare a thought for all the poor souls who continue to languish in the BBC's dark satanic mills, their consciences compromised by a state not very different to the Soviet Union against which it used to rail so self-righteously during an earlier Cold War.


  1. Have you ever checked out exactly who Hutton is? Our Irish brothers and sisters know him so well.

    By the way, Nemesis News is now

    Maitreya a.k.a. Lord Cerne Abbas ;-)

  2. Thank you, Maitreya, for this link. Yes, it points to everything that is so rotten and repulsive in Britain's ruling hierarchy ... a putrefying stink that carries on and on through the centuries with no serious reaction from the ordinary Brits, themselves so brainwashed by the lies of Empire.

    I would recommend all who read my blog to read this page from Ireland's Own.

    The treachery committed by Her Majesty's Government on the defenceless Chagos Islanders is yet another shameful chapter in the ongoing story of British imperialism.

    They certainly know how to look after their own, don't they? After all, they have to ... it's a case of survival in what they perceive to be a dangerous world, innit? (Who's projecting what on whom?);-)