Saturday, April 07, 2007

BBC: "Keep taking the Blue Pills!"

BBC News 24, the international version of Blair TV's media war machine, has just announced a decision by the British Ministry of Defence to 'allow' the 15 navy ex-detainees to sell their stories to the press. This will only be permitted after the stories are vetted by their commanding officers!

What blatant propaganda from the British corporate state!

No intelligent person is going to believe that this is anything but another seedy attempt on behalf of the Blairite war party to sell the world a load of unmitigated bullshit making their 15 employees sound like heroes who were abused by those terrible Iranians.

It's interesting, though, that Blair and the Brits are entering the information war at this level. Clearly, they've been rattled by the way a handful of bloggers, led by ex-UK Ambassador Craig Murray, successfully challenged the lies being put out by the Ministry of Defence. The quality of Craig's information has been so spot-on that it was taken very seriously by both members of the British Foreign Office and a media otherwise servile to the Blair war party.

The Bush regime --it's not an elected government-- has, for some time, been conducting a war of disinformation through the international press and by practising cyberattacks against dissenting websites on the internet. Now, it seems, that his sidekicks in the UK are beginning to use similar methods.

BBC News 24, along with the rest of the UK media, are also making a big noise about the death of four British soldiers in a bomb-attack in Iraq. The suggestion being put out is that the bomb was supplied to the Iraqi resistance ("terrorists" according to the BBC) by Iran. This is clearly the BBC following an instruction given them by Blair to use the approach already being used by Bush's junta to whip-up anti-Iranian feeling among their respective publics prior to another horrendous war crime, this time to include nuclear weapons, in Iran.

The UK Media must be reminded, over and over again, that it is already complicit in a war crime committed against Iraq and that the enthusiastic spreading of lies and disinformation with which it is now targeting the people of Iran compounds the criminality of every one of its journalists who willingly buy into and help perpetuate the USUK's endless genocide against humanity.

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