Monday, April 30, 2007

"Spare a Penny, Guv? "
Sponging Rich Bastards
Quotes from today's Tomb

"It's official: Tony Blair will leave office, having overseen the rise of the richest rich bastards that have ever raked it in on UK soil. The wealthiest 1,000 people in the UK have seen their wealth grow by 20% in the last year."

"Unsurprisingly, many of these people (Mittal, Branson, the Hinduja brothers) have been close to New Labour."

"This news emerges not long after the UN report suggesting that Britain was one of the worst places to grow up in, and shortly after it was revealed that 200,000 more children live in poverty this year."

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  1. Just to let you know that J7: The July 7th Truth Campaign have added an Operation Crevice Information and Analysis archive to their web site as part of their ongoing campaign for the truth about what really happened on 7th July 2005. You can find the Crevice archive here:

    It is worth noting that of all the groups calling for a public inquiry, J7 is the only grass-roots organisation that has raised the issue of the Inquiries Act 2005, an act which legally requires that public inquiries are neither 'independent' nor 'public'.

    There is a little more information on the lengths to which the State was forced to go to obtain convictions for crimes that were never committed here.