Sunday, April 08, 2007

Ex CIA Spook alleges Kennedy's Assassin was the US Government

"LBJ took the IRT down to Fourth Street USA,
When he got there what did he see? The youth of America on LSD!
LBJ ... USA ... FBI ... CIA ..."
(Lyrics from original HAIR Musical)

For a moment, forty years ago, it looked like the radicalising political effect of the Vietnam War together with the US Civil Rights movement would synthesise with the upcoming 'drop out', psychedelic culture that swept the youth of North America.

John and Yoko Lennon, part of that drop-out anti-war culture clearly became a threat to the US establishment. Their phones were tapped, death threats were made, deportation orders prepared. Conveniently, John Lennon was finally murdered. A big question-mark hangs over his death as does over JFK's.



If Nixon is remembered for his country's final, humiliating withdrawal from the debacle in Vietnam, Johnson will be remembered for having drawn the USA ever deeper into that bloody morass. What the mainstream media (MSM) conveniently forget --how could they otherwise?-- is the huge arms production profits nexus that both presidents served in perpetuating that genocidal spree.

The lives of innocent Asians and US servicemen were, after all, incidental. The important thing was to keep the US corporations in business. Now we have a nightmarish repeat-performance of the same criminality taking place in the Middle East and Afghanistan. The actors may be different but it's the same gangsters in the USUK corporate states that are responsible for making a hell on earth.

Those who, through a cognitive dissonance, still refuse to accept that our governments are actually our worst enemy, that they commit mass murder not only through war but through staged "terror" attacks like 911, Madrid and 7/7 on their own people, will be shocked to hear that American governments sometimes kill their own presidents.

For that is what an ex-CIA agent, E. Howard Hunt, revealed just before his death.

The architect of Kennedy's assassination, he alleged, was no other than Lyndon Baines Johnson, 36th President of the USA. Johnson instructed the CIA to organise the event in which Mafioso were employed as the hit-men. The Hunt story was reported in a recent edition of ROLLING STONE summarized in 'The Last Confession of E. Howard Hunt: US Government/CIA Team Murdered JFK' by Larry Chin in the Online Journal.

"This piece is significant not only for its exploration of Hunt," writes Chin, "but for breakthrough information that appears to thoroughly corroborate the work of key John F. Kennedy assassination researchers and historians."

"Beyond any reasonable doubt," he continues, "the US government murdered John F. Kennedy. There are people still alive today who were involved directly and indirectly implicated. Some are probably even serving in positions of high influence. Some still have never been identified or touched."

According to the allegations, not only Johnson, the CIA and the Mafia were involved. So were cross-dresser J. Edgar Hoover, the late FBI boss and Johnson's backer as well as Richard Nixon and George Bush Senior. "[T]he Hunt confession, if accurate, leads directly to them, to their lifelong associates, and all the way to the present George W. Bush administration."

"All of these individuals still need to be pursued, exposed, and brought to justice," concludes Chin.

Despite the enormity of such a task it must, sooner or later, be done. Similarly, war criminals like Bush Junior and his minions, Blair and Aznar, must be brought to justice. Until that day comes the collective mind of the West will sink ever deeper into a black pit, a prison gulag of its own creation in which countless more millions will suffer and disappear at the hands of such gangster politicians.

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