Thursday, September 27, 2007

Why would They want to hurt Me?

In the eternal War against Terrorism we all need to be vigilant and observe the variety of ways the Enemy approaches to attack us.

In the service of that War, we highlight and contrast these two videos and bring them to the attention of our viewers, both American and other, to emphasise that you can never be too vigilant, too jealous of the freedoms that are now at stake.

Why would They want to hurt Me? Pt II

(With thanks to Stef Zucconi for bringing them to my attention)

Rory's Warning: Just in case you hadn't noticed, the above article was written in the spirit of irony and sarcasm, the point being that the first video is laughable and the second a description of the all-too-real police state that, thanks to the dumbed-down dummies described below, the fake 'War on Terror' has helped to create.


  1. You're welcome

    A few of us are still trying to figure out if 'Why do the terrorists want to hurt me?' is a spoof or not

    The fact that's it difficult to be sure says a lot about the times we live in

  2. It sure does, Stef. Not much room for a sense of irony these days, huh? Have to watch your p's and q's, especially when addressing the plods.

    Anyway: I've added a health warning to it now, just in case. And dig my new subtitle re the MSM talking to itself.

    I had the phrase come to me in a moment of inspiration & am busy promoting it. Recognize the Enemy: the tyranny of the New Managerial Classes.