Saturday, September 15, 2007

If you're Muslim, you're Guilty!


Yet another case of a Pakistani Muslim being tried for thought-crimes is taking place, this time in Scotland which appears to be new ground for the British state's phony 'War on Terror'.

Mohammed Atif Siddique, 21, from Alva in Clackmannanshire, faces several terrorism charges, including providing instructional material for bomb-making, and collecting and distributing terrorist propaganda. So far, the jury has been unable to make up its mind but the prosecutor, calling Siddique a "wannabe suicide bomber", has asked for him to be found guilty on three out of four charges.

Well, here we go again: the British state distorting the activities of yet another Walter Mittyesque character out of all proportion, just as it has done so many times before with Mickey Mouse wannabe-bombers like Dhiren Barot. With bastards like Tony Blair having given them the green light the British police and judiciary are now treating British Muslims of colour as fair game to process through the machinery of prosecution and the penal code.

Who knows, the jury may well find this young man innocent of inciting terrorism but guilty of a lesser charge for storing material deemed to be supporting terrorism on his computer. If so, then a precedent will have been created which might make any of us guilty of all manner of things for what we might have stored on our personal computers. Or will there be one law for (white) non-Muslims and another for Muslims?

I have just been conducting a brief exchange with a rather naive member of our local Green Party here in the north of Scotland. Someone had had the decency to bring to their attention the plight of Mr Siddique, asking whether the Greens should take up the issue on the basis that Mr Siddique is being prosecuted for what very much appears to be a thought-crime.

This silly, rather spoilt, young woman --evidently a pacifist, vegetarian and sandal-wearer-- wrote back suggesting that under no circumstances should Greens "support terrorism." I reminded her that thanks to Tony Blair and New Labour, Britain is at war in Iraq and Afghanistan and that many Muslims around the world (of which there are about 1.3 billion) consider the Anglo-Saxon Alliance to be at war against Islam itself.

Consequently, amongst the many Muslims who through the imperialist foreign policies of Bush and his British bum-chum, Blair, were turned into the USUK's enemies, there are a tiny, but minuscule, number of individuals who have manifested their anger in the manner Mr Siddique has.

And who can blame him?

If a foreign government had slaughtered over a million Brits (as has the Anglo-Saxon Alliance over a million Iraqis) then wouldn't there be more than a few staunch true-blues baying for the blood of those who had eradicated their kith and kin?

When Britain waged war against Germany its population stoically accepted the bombings that followed during the Blitz as the price that had to be paid in a time of war. So how is it that a more mollycoddled generation of Brits are unable to accept retaliation from its enemy when it comes?

The problem today is with the naive and precious types that the young miss from the Greens represents. Quite oblivious to what is being done by their rulers and paid for by fellow-taxpayers these head-in-the-sand ostriches pontificate about peace and non-violence while the armed forces of their country continue to bomb the shit out of millions of folk whose only sin is to be living on top of a lot of oil reserves.

According to the Green Missy, it's alright to perpetrate genocide just so long as it's not outside her own doorstep. Well, this certainly says a lot for the NIMBY attitudes of certain Greens who may or may not act local but whose brains grind to a halt with the strain of thinking global. That seems to be a problem that is endemic amongst Greens and gives good reason to believe many of them to be more akin to eco-fascists than humanitarian environmentalists.

In a country where the Right is in control wherever you look it is hardly surprising that, despite all the pretence of our race and anti-discrimination laws, minority groups and people of colour continue to be persecuted out of hand by the descendants of British imperialism.


  1. Well it would happen in Scotland, wouldn't it? You didn't have those nice Christians, just over the water, bombing you, with the bombs paid for by gutless Yankee Christians. It was only us English, and the Irish, who were on the receiving end.

    Thanks Yankee Christians; for nothing.

  2. Oh yes, and can you tell me why that is, considering that Northern Ireland isn't over-run with Englishmen, but displaced Scotsmen, like Ian Paisley. I mean to say, Paisley is actually a Scottish town, isn't it?

    Why is it that us English keep getting the blame for what the Scots have done?

  3. Hey, come on, lets deal with the "English" Queen.

    Oh? She's a Scottish Queen? And those soldiers that guard the palace; Coldstream guards, aren't they? Isn't Coldstream yet another Scottish town? Oh, and there's the Black Watch, and the Royal Highlanders, and of course, both Brown and Blair are good old Scotsmen too, along with Reid, and Reid, and Cameron, and Menzies Cambell. Oh and we mustn't forget Ms Kelly, the Opus Dei weirdo; Irish isn't she?

  4. Strictly-speaking off-topic, Lord Cerne, but in the absence of any other comments I'll allow it this time.

    As you know, the British secret services were behind a lot of the atrocities both on the mainland and in Ireland. They used the traditional animosity between the Fenians and the Proddies to divide & rule.

    Their usual dirty game for which they're known since time immemorial.

  5. Listen, according to that sky god, everybody is guilty. "Ooh! We're all such miserable sinners and we were born that way. We can't help ourselves".

    The ultimate cop-out that works both ways. It's not god's fault that he was incompetent, and it's not their fault because they were created that way, and only "a saviour" can save them.

    What kind of losers would choose to actually worship such an incompetent deity?

    And these morons have dragged the whole world down to the lowest common denominator. Now what happens when you follow the worms?