Monday, September 24, 2007

Breaking News: European race-hate groups planning anti-'Islamisation' Demo in London, 26 October 2007

I have received news that various European extremist groups are planning an anti-'Islamisation' demo to be held on Friday, 26 October 2007 in London.

This is planned to coincide with an anti-'Islamo-fascism' Week in the USA, 22-26 October 2007.

The London demo is, as presently planned, to be held the day before an anti-EU demonstration the next day, Saturday.

The Mayor of London has been notified that the organisers are using the cover of a protest against "the persecution of Armenians, Copts and Hindus" by Islam (sic) to promote religious and cultural hate against Muslims in Britain.

All socialist, anti-fascist and democratic organisations are asked to campaign against such a Demo and, if necessary to demand a counter-demonstration against it. This writer will continue to supply news of this demonstration as it is received.

French readers should also refer to and Liberté de Penser for further updates.

Emails of complaint, with your name and telephone number, demanding this demo be banned should be sent Mayor Ken Livingstone at


Demonstration in London on October 26
The next planned demonstration will take place in London on October 26.
It will have as an aim Islamic persecutions, in particular against the Armenians, Coptes, Hindus, etc…

It will coincide with:
- the week of the awakening on islamo-Fascism in the USA, from the 22 to October 26,
- the rally pro-referendum on October 27

Manifestation à Londres le 26 octobre La prochaine manifestation planifiée aura lieu à Londres le 26 octobre. Elle aura pour objet les persécutions islamiques, notamment contre les Arméniens, Coptes, Hindus, etc...

Elle coïncidera avec :
- la semaine de la prise de conscience sur l'islamo-fascisme aux USA , du 22 au 26 octobre,
- le rally pro-referendum le 27 octobre


  1. thanks for the heads up on this

    I wonder if the 'patriots' who get suckered into this stuff ever consider the possibility that they're being used by the state as tools

    probably not

  2. Most of them, no doubt, except for the manipulators who use these movements to divide & rule.

    I have emailed Ken Livingstone's office to warn them of this demo but on phoning it today discover it takes up to three weeks for them to deal with a letter, email or phone call! So it seems the slow-moving bureaucracy that was the GLC continues in its new form.

    Hence any publicity someone such as your respected self might give this demo to warn the Left etc would be gratefully noted.