Monday, September 24, 2007

Ol' Macky's back in Town

Resulting, no doubt, directly from a vituperative and abusive style deliberately intended to intimidate and defame any opposition to the deranged ramblings of the person or persons calling themselves 'Imam Grouik-Grouik' (IGG) the mainstream media in France and Belgium has at last taken notice and identified IGG's nauseating sites (most of which continue to be hosted by Blogger despite a flood of complaints made to them that IGG preaches a litany of religious and race hatred in direct contravention of Blogger's Contents Policy).

Though initially ambivalent in her feelings towards the banning of the IGG-backed demo last 11 September in Brussels, an article by Marie-Cécile Royen of Belgium's weekly, Le Vif, correctly identified IGG's Blog Cochon du Halal to be on the extreme-right and though while not ostensibly supported by the 'big names' of France and Belgium's extremists is still part of a highly-active network of European sites preaching division, religious (and by association racial) intolerance between white Europeans and mainly North African immigrants from the Maghreb.

IGG's blog is part of a wider, racist spectrum with blatantly pro-Hitlerian and white supremacist groups like Stormfront, Blood and Honour at one polarity extending through others like Udo Ulfkotte's Pax Europa and SIOE (Stop Islamization of Europe), Anders Gravers' Danish SIAD Party, Forum Mot Islamisering (FOMI), the Dutch No Sharia Here, the German Akte Islam, the Irish Centre for Vigilance Freedom, the Italian Lysistrata, the Hindutva Hindu Unity, to minority race extremist parties like the Flemish Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest), the opportunist Bruno Mégret's so-called Mouvement National Républicain (MNR), the chauvinist Chrétienté-Solidarité, the Opus Dei-like Europae Gentes and the more 'accepted' end including Le Pen's Front Nationale and other mainstream European politicians such as Holland's Geert Wilders (article below) who are busily cashing-in on a wave of media-driven Islamophobia in Europe.

Somewhere along this ominous front are Britain's own extreme-right, racist parties including the BNP, National Front and smaller, virulently anti-Muslim groups such as God Help Britain. Fomenting collective hysteria and calculatedly promoting wildly distorted caricatures of their chosen victims these groups, like vultures, feed off the carrion of discontent left behind by the capitalist, mainstream political status quo.

We have seen how the inevitable rise of disaffection and seething anger caused in the poorer sectors of society, the politically marginalised, by New Labour's 'neo-liberal' monetarist policies has led to traditional Labour supporters voting BNP and National Front as a protest and a call to be heard by politicians comfortably ensconced in a new managerial aristocracy which, knowing very well how to look after its own interests, scorns and abuses the very people its positions of privilege depend upon.

Cushioned by wealth and insulated from the rest of society this new Aristocracy has created for itself a bubble of consensus thought and behaviour which, while entirely real to the apparatchiks within it, is completely alien to all those who are the victims it preys upon, beginning with the millions of innocents its military-industrial machine kills daily in its imperialistic adventures abroad to the poor and disadvantaged living directly outside its gated residences back home.

With the calculated and cynical purpose of self-preservation at all costs this new Aristocracy was responsible for fabricating and promoting an entirely phony 'War on Terrorism' in which the fostering of Islamophobia through national, tribalistic xenophobia played a major role. Using refined methods of promoting the Goebbels Big Lie technique, seven days a week, year in year out, using the vast array of media outlets available, this new Aristocracy fomented fear, loathing and hatred throughout its controlled communities across the planet.

Leading to the entirely fake 'War of Cultures' which the new Aristocracy along with its secret services has brought us where the more deranged elements of white, cultural supremacy described above play a significant part promoting an ugliness ostensibly denied by the Aristocracy but fostered by it all the while. This is precisely what the German playwright, Bertholt Brecht, warned us about over seventy years ago when predicting that with the collapse of the capitalist system would be unleashed from its chest of horrors the fascists and the Nazis who, while pretending to listen to popular discontent, would continue to promote capitalism in a more virulent and bellicose form.

Brecht's song, Mack the Knife, was a satire written around the return of the extremist right into mainstream politics. And, guess what folks, while the left, socialist and Marxist poseurs were playing with their favourite toy train sets Macky came back in style among what used to be called the working classes before it was made jobless and unwaged.

While even the British Socialist Workers Party (SWP) of the 'seventies had the political nous to create an anti-Nazi League and send the National Front back under the stones from which it had crept, today there's no sign of it, the SWP having moved onto pastures new to prey on what is jokingly called the anti-War movement.

Today, there are few socialists fighting the new fascists and Nazis of another generation although, of course, there remain many honourable individuals just as committed to that struggle as ever. But the old lesson that Brecht taught an earlier generation, that as long as capitalism exists so will fascism, imperialism and racism, seems to be lost on the contemporary armchair Left who while dwelling on the nostalgia of the Battle of Cable Street over seventy years ago appear singularly incapable of removing themselves from their computer screens for any real social action. So shall they reap the whirlwind whence, through a dereliction of political duty and human obligation, they scattered their seeds so carelessly.

And characteristic of the blinkered, Little Englanderism which has been and still is rife through all sectors of British society even the apparently organised Muslim groups on the Internet appear totally uninterested in the storm of race hate that is brewing and building like a pressure cooker in continental Europe and which will inevitably blow over onto this island. In trying to promote the appearance of moderation and the approval of their patrons on the BBC's Heaven and Earth show these Muslim Uncle Toms are their own worst enemy, interested primarily it seems in their own self-promotion.

What, finally, will it take to get the message across to all these sleep-walkers that Macky's back in town?


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  1. Lord Cerne (AP), you have sent me two further Comments which are completely off-topic and which continue your tirade of hate against the Scots.

    I do not intend to allow you to use this blog as a pulpit for these interminable rantings.

    I have already written you a very long personal letter explaining my views to you. You ignored this.

    There is a limit to anyone's patience. You have pushed me to mine.

  2. Well cut the little Englander crap.


    Is the real enemy.

    My email is down until I get the password back.

  3. Please read my use of the phrase in the context of the paragraph in which it is written.

    The indifference of so-called Muslim watchdogs in Britain who appear to put self-promotion above everything else is both disturbing and cause for despair.

    Asian Muslims still have far too much of the coolie mentality about them for their own good.