Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Psychosis of Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism

Those behind the organisation of an illegal demonstration -- supposedly against the "Islamisation of Europe" but what will, in effect, be a gathering ground for anti-semites (against both Jew and Muslim), racists, extreme right national chauvinists and other such low-life -- are ostensibly the SIOE whose spokesperson, Netha, is quoted in a Breaking News article below.

This march has been banned by the Brussels municipal authorities on perfectly legal grounds provided for in the European Convention of Human Rights, ie that it is likely to lead to confrontation and clashes between opposing groups and thus threaten public safety.

In ignoring the ban and calling for it to go ahead the SIOE is not only preparing to act outside the law but in a manner very likely to provoke confrontations likely to lead to violence, putting the safety and lives of innocent citizens at risk. This kind of provocative attitude is characteristic of the racists whose hate inevitably bursts out in violence.

Some years back, Britain's racist National Front attempted a similar march in Aberdeen and we were able to pressure the Aberdeen municipal council and the Police into using the same legal provisos of the Human Rights Convention to ban that march. Since then the National Front and their hangers-on have not dared to show their faces in public in the north of Scotland.

So on behalf of my French comrades and Opération SCHITA I wish the Burgomaster of Brussels, Freddy Thielemans, all good luck in ensuring that the streets of Brussels are kept clean of the chickenhawk nazis. As for myself, I do not believe in showing any mercy to such types. Racism and anti-semitism are not only behavioural aberrations, they are rooted in a form of individual and collective psychosis which, given a chance, can spread like wildfire throughout communities.

The chickenhawk nazis know that full well and wait, like vultures, to exploit fear and ignorance to spread their vile sickness. George Bush and Tony Blair knew it too when, with the engineers of 911, they fabricated an entirely false "War on Terror" in which the systematic demonisation of Muslims played a vital part. By doing so they were not only able to carry out their imperialistic adventures in the interest of multinational capitalism but distracted their publics from the economic crimes and attacks on civil liberties they committed, on behalf of capital, against our societies.

Neo-Nazi racism and anti-semitism has to be stamped-on hard so I for one would not lose a moment's sleep if the hard-headed nazis were to be water-cannoned, tear-gassed, tasered, beaten black and blue and served with exemplary prison sentences for defying the law. Sadly, however, I fear that the Belgian police will placate them with only kid gloves.

What Bush, Blair and the chickenhawk nazis have in common is that they are past masters in lying and deceit, abuse, terror and predatory exploitation. They will twist events and turn them on their head, they have no concern for the suffering of others just so long as they can achieve their own greedy ends.

An example of this is how the shadowy characters behind the predominantly Francophone blogs of Les Grouiks (which Blogger refuses to close down even though they clearly contravene Blogger's own contractual terms) spit and snarl at anyone who dares to oppose them. My colleague, Christine Louis-Quéré, has for years been a target for such character assassination. Similarly, our comrade, Xavier-Yves Pedri who organises Opération SCHITA to expose the racists.

Now, I have become a target for Les Grouiks whose defamatory article against me includes a vomitory of insults which ends in calling me a "Kosher Pig", proving that these people are anti-semites period: as much against Jews as they are Muslims. On one occasion, when a Jewish Rabbi in Marseilles donated funds towards the building of a Muslim mosque, the poor man was hounded and abused by the chickenhawk nazis.

The obsessive manner in which Les Grouiks and their fellow-travellers attack, defame, misrepresent and threaten those who oppose them suggests not just a predatory nastiness but something more akin to a demonic psychosis.

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  1. Anonymous8:50 pm

    Isn't Racism when you wipe out 1,032,938 brown-skinned people?

    And who did that? Oh yes, it wasn't the Belgians, or the French, or the Germans; it was everybody who voted Labour, THREE Times, just because Blair had a nice smile.

    We, as a nation, have lost ALL rights to point our fingers at anybody else. We can't go calling anybody scum, when we are the scum who have killed over a million Iraqis.

    Until this nation has put the people who took us to war, based on lies, in a court, tried them, and found them guilty, and then executed them, just about the ONLY people we have any right to criticise are those National Socialists in the United States. What else is a country, where all are equal, (in the eyes of God) but a National Socialist state.

    America is a National Socialist state, and Britain is also one, and how can we criticise anybody else? We have lost the right to do that.

    And do come on; have you ever had the misfortune to work with some of those hardcore Labour voters?

    "I vote Labour 'cos my mum and dad voted Labour, and if it was good enough for them." Then they come out with their terms of endearment for anybody whom they see as "furriners". Hey, I won't repeat some of the things I've heard them come out with; they'd probably makes those National Front people blush.

    Oh yes, and why don't they actually vote NF? "Cos the Missus would give me a thick ear, that's why."


  2. Hey, this article sums it up:

    There is no such thing as Islamofascism. This is a coined propaganda word used to inflame the ignorant.

    Yea right! "Oi vote Labour cos me mum and dad did, and if it was good enuff fer them".

    And how many of them know that the Iranians are not Arabs? How many of them know that the Iranians are The Persians? And how many of them learnt enough history to know anything about the Persians? Or what they are capable of?

  3. "Isn't Racism when you wipe out 1,032,938 brown-skinned people?"

    I think that's called racial genocide, Maitreya. Funny how those wonderful democracy-loving countries the USUK were allowed to carry out mass megamurder with hardly anyone daring to point out the similarity of their actions with Hitler's?

    May that bastard Blair fry in hell through eternity with his bumboy, Dubya the Shrub.

  4. "Hey, this article sums it up:"

    I'll look at that now. Didn'y know you was a biker. What do you have?

  5. Anonymous8:27 am

    A Suzuki Bandit 1200S.

    As for the demon psychology, it's called Xenophobia.

    Hasn't the US always committed mass genocide from the beginning? They ran away from perceived oppression in Europe, to be "free" and the people living there made then welcome, and the Xenophobes turned round and slaughtered them, and put them in reservations.

    Then in WW2 they put all the Japanese in reservations too. I pointed this out to a Muslim in New York, who was giving me a hard time, and he's now took down his blog. I hope he had the sense to get himself into Canada.

    Xenophobia is an infectious disease, spread by fear.

    Now these Xenophobes are so obsessed with their dead sun-king-god, that they keep ignoring that living sun-king-god in Korea. Sun-king-gods are ten a penny, but this particular one is smart, and has nuclear weapons. Because he is smart, the Xenophobes find him "mysterious", but then dummies always find smart people "mysterious".

    Now as it happens, we have a crossed culture Celtic/Hopi medicine wheel here, right next to the Buddhist Peace Pagoda, so I researched Hopi prophesy. Only people who have lived in a land for a long time are able to contact the spirit of their land, and Xenophobes are scared of doing that, after all "There are scary demons trying to lead me astray." Yea right; so much for their god being "all-powerful".

    Now the Hopi prophesy says that their "Great White Brother in the East" will attack from the West.

    And if you research the Korean war, the Xenophobes did much the same as they did in Vietnam, and are doing in Iraq right now. In short, even the South Koreans hate the Xenophobes, just like we do, but they are stuck, like us, with pathetic politicians who are scared of the Xenophobes.

    But Xenophobes are always frightened people; they will always be frightened people, and we should always remember the words of Queen Elizabeth the first; it is not us who should live in fear, but our enemies. Now those shithead politicians may have short memories, but those Xenophobes killed British troops in their war for Independence, and far from saving us in WW2, they hid, in fear, until the Japs bombed Pearl Harbour, but then they probably find Japanese people "mysterious" too. Had we not fought against Hitler, it would be them who would have been speaking German, not us, for we would have all died rather than give up our land. The same applies to the Russians who were fighting Hitler on the eastern front. In short, everybody knows damn well that the "Home of the Brave" is really the "home of the gutless cowards who ran away" and that they really deserve nothing but utter contempt.

    Well history is repeating itself; the gutless cowards are ignoring the "mysterious sun-god-king" in North Korea, hoping their dead sun-god-king will make him go away, but I have no doubt that they also hoped their dead sun-god-king would make Hitler go away. But he has promised to visit them with vengeance and destruction, and let's face it; we all saw them fall apart after 911. "Oh the world has changed". Has it hell; it just caught up with the Xenophobes. We had IRA bombs, that they paid for, smashing out the centres of our cities, for 30 years. I was down in London on the day of 911. Mick came out from where they had all been watching it on TV, and he said "That was so funny. The stupid Yanks just let two planes fly into those twin towers and now they are burning. That will teach the bastards for all those bombs they paid the IRA to put on us."

    Everybody in the world despises the Yanks. It's just that we are all stuck with politicians who are busy lining their own pockets, but of course, the Koreans are unique; they have a sun-god-king, and furthermore, when it comes down to actual fighting, they are totally ruthless; and their only restraint is the orders of their sun-god-king. Oh yes, and he only has to keep on waiting as the Iraqis destroy the Xenophobe's military machine. This is where Sun Tzu comes in. "When you have exhausted all of your reserves, other leaders will spring up to take advantage of your extremity."

    Too right! Everybody in the world owes the Yanks a good smack in the teeth, and I don't see their dead sun-god-king coming along to save them any more than he came along to save them from Hitler. Hey, in fact, you could take the view that their god did save them from Hitler, couldn't you? Who is your god, America? I think, as their god, that we should get in first, before the Koreans do, but of course, we are stuck with gutless politicians leading us.

    Hey Your Majesty, please make me your minister for war; I'll make your former colonials really suffer for Jesus; hey, you want reality TV for the masses, they can watch Christians being fed to the lions, cos if we wait, those Koreans will get there first. LOL

    But you saw it happen; one terrorist event and the home of the brave was paralysed for three days. Don't you think that men like Putin and the Sun-God-king saw that? It's just a matter of who will hit the Yanks first.


  6. Hey, I was amusing myself by being creative and putting the Lord Cerne Abbas web-site back together, when I came across this quote:

    "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake." - Napoleon Bonaparte.

    You may be interested to know why I came up with Nemesis News, and the connection Nemesis has with The Iceni; hey I live not far from where Boudica fought the famous battle; I'm an Iceni. This web-page is now put together nicely, but I might change some of the others. Hey, guess who was "Born to run"? LOL

    That obnoxious jerk of a preacher really pissed me off. It was a good job I was getting paid to drive him around. He spent a week lecturing his "Roybots" on eating properly, and when we got to Gatwick, he dived into the shop and bought one of those massive bars of Cadbury Dairy Milk, and pigged it all down while waiting for his plane. Some bloke was smoking in the no smoking zone, so me and Frank, the other driver, egged him on. Tell him to put that cigarette out Roy, and of course, his ever-loving wife did the same. He went up to the guy and told him to put the cigarette out and guess what happened? LMAO "Piss-off!" Hey, he pissed off like a frightened rabbit. Hey, we sat in Burger King, eating our burgers and laughing our socks off when he had gone. If you haven't ever met one of these right wing Christian losers, you have never lived; they're such fun to jerk around. Listen, I know we shouldn't mock the afflicted, but

    Anybody who finally sees through the hype, and decides to attack America, is going to have a walk over. Personally, I hope Chavez gets in first, but they truly deserve Kim; he's a sun-god king; the Goddess Nemesis has heard the prayers of the Yankees and is answering them.

    Of course, the other interesting thing is that Radio Caroline was doing OK until they started broadcasting his crap, and then the Mi Amigo was sunk by a major gale. They came back with the Ross Revenge, and again were doing OK, until they started broadcasting his crap. Again, a storm wrecked the 300ft Antenna. And what he doesn't know is that the DTI used to continually monitor Caroline at Rugby Radio Station. They have a record of everything he ever said. He can't come back from the "Home of the Brave" because he broke the marine offences act while still a British Citizen. Ten years for his hate-crimes would just serve him right.

    Don't tell me I look like my mother. Hey my Mum is of good Celtic stock. There is nothing wrong with looking like your Mum, but it just happens that I don't. And it is him who owns that right wing Christian talk radio network. I'm so pissed-off that he somehow escapes the attention of defcon.

    Hey, and he ran away to a safe location, right next to the active Caldera of Crater Lake. Damn, I wish I was that dumb. And this loser calls himself "The Nearest thing to Jesus Christ"??? Hey, he got the land at a "bargain price". Too right he did. And his god told him to go there. LOL@Jehovah, the volcano god. Yea right. I know about two other volcano worshippers called Maurice and Katia Krafft. They met their god at Mount Unzen. It was on U-Tube. Hey they were running away at 70 mph when their god overtook them.

    And when my wife was alive, she had a plan for us to retire to her home that she owned quite near another volcano. That home is now gone.

    Volcano God worshippers have these suicidal tendencies, in my experience. It's best just to watch volcanoes on web-cams, my favourite being this one:

    Because of the time difference, we can get to watch it glow in the dark from time to time. You've just got to get these weapons of Mass Destruction in perspective. The Earth Mother is armed and very dangerous.