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The Doomsday US Wargames Continue

Like a lot of folk these days I don't watch the tube anymore to learn of world events. The Net has really exposed the propaganda-mongers for what they really are with, in Britain, that inveterate liar and tired old Aunty BBC heading the list of worst offenders. Actually 'worst offenders' is being kind. They are warmongers and hence war criminals.

When I do switch on the telly for some entertainment --I agree with John Pilger, that's what mainstream media news is today, entertainment -- I watch it through the heaviest megafilters of discrimination and distrust, just to see what the propaganda-mongers are saying. I listen to what they say and believe something approximating the opposite.

At present, Sky News is busily massaging the public (though bludgeoning would be a better description) to accept the new would-be nuclear (Bush lingo) "terrist" enemy to be Pakistan. You can be sure that this new episode of public brain-washing comes ahead of a new Bush crusade against the terrists in Pakistan and the assassination of the dictator Musharraf by the CIA who will then conveniently blame it on 'Islamic fundamentalists.'

Just watch the thing as it develops.

Meantime, it seems that the demon Cheney has been foiled in an attempt to carry out an unannounced bombing of Iran with nuclear Cruise missiles. Thanks to the brave actions of some honourable folk in the US Military his murderous plan was thwarted just in time

See here

and here

and here

It's a miracle that the diabolic duo, Bush and Cheney, with their AIPAC minions haven't yet succeeded in attacking Iran but, at the end of the day, they are only the puppets of the big oil and gas company multinationals who aren't yet ready to kill the golden goose which lays their eggs. An excuse for a war in Pakistan, on the other hand, will extend the theatre of military actions from Afghanistan and give the Anglo-Saxon Alliance an excuse to expropriate that area of north-western Asia for at least the next decade.

Thus the neocons' Project for a New American Century will have been fullfilled. And, as usual, the warmongers who rule US foreign policy and the Anglo-Saxon Alliance are keeping all their options option.

Back here in Britain, it is all the more imperative that the maximum pressure possible is brought to ensure that Gordon Brown totally dissociates his country from a US attack on Iran and that he is persuaded to withdraw all British troops from not only Iraq but Afghanistan while preventing the US war-machine using British bases for its future global aggressions.

Britain simply has to stop behaving like a third-rate vassal-state banana republic pretending to play the nuclear imperial power it no longer is.

Les jeux de guerre Doomsday des USA continuent

Comme beaucoup de gens de nos jours je n'observe plus le télé pour apprendre des événements du monde. Le Net a vraiment exposé les vendeurs du propagande pour ce qu'ils sont vraiment, en Grande-Bretagne, ce menteur invétéré, la vieille tante fatigué, le BBC étant à la tête de la liste des plus mauvais contrevenants. En fait l’expression les « plus mauvais contrevenants » est aimable. Ils sont des « warmongers » et par conséquent des criminels de guerre.

Quand je voir la télévision pour un divertissement - je suis d'accord avec le journaliste britannique, John Pilger, c'est ce qui sont aujourd'hui les nouvelles des « mainstream media » ou MSM sont un divertissement - je l'observe par les megafilters les plus lourds de la discrimination et de la méfiance, voir juste ce que les machines de propagande indiquent. J'écoute ce qu'ils disent et croient quelque chose qui rapproche l'opposé.

Actuellement, les nouvelles de SKY massent le public (matraquer cependant serait une meilleure description) pour accepter le nouvel ennemi nucléaire potentiel de « terrist » pour être le Pakistan. Vous pouvez être sûr que ce nouvel épisode de public soumettant à un lavage de cerveau vient en avant d'une nouvelle croisade de Bush contre ses terrists (sic) au Pakistan et de l'assassinat du dictateur Musharraf par la CIA qui le blâmera alors commodément sur « les fondamentalistes islamiques. »

Montre juste la chose comme elle se développe.

En attendant, il semble que le démon Cheney a été contrecarré afin d'essayer d'effectuer un bombardement inattendu de l'Iran avec les missiles nucléaires de Cruise. Grâce aux actions braves de quelques gens honorables dans les militaires des USA son plan meurtrier a été contrecarrée juste à temps

Voyez ici

et ici

et ici

C'est un miracle que le duo diabolique, Bush et Cheney, avec leurs subordonnés d'AIPAC n'ont pas encore réussi à attaquer l'Iran mais, à la fin du jour, ils sont seulement les marionnettes des grandes multinationales de compagnie de pétrole et de gaz qui ne sont pas encore prêtes à tuer l'oie qui pond leurs oeufs d’or. Une excuse pour une guerre au Pakistan, d'une part, prolongera le théâtre des actions militaires d'Afghanistan et donnera à l'alliance d'Anglo-Saxon une excuse pour exproprier cette région de l'Asie du nord-ouest pour au moins la décennie suivante.

Ainsi le projet des neocons pendant un nouveau siècle américain aura été accompli. Et, comme d'habitude, les warmongers qui règnent la politique étrangère des USA et l'alliance d'Anglo-Saxon gardent toute leurs options.

Ici en Grande-Bretagne, il est plus impératif que la pression maximum possible soit apportée pour s'assurer que Gordon Brown dissocie totalement son pays d'une attaque des USA sur l'Iran et qu'il est persuadé de retirer toutes les troupes britanniques non seulement d'Irak mais d'Afghanistan tout en empêchant la machine-de-guerre des USA en utilisant les bases britanniques pour ses futures agressions globales.

La Grande-Bretagne simplement doit cesser de se comporter comme une république de banane et d'état de vassal de troisième-taux feignant pour jouer la puissance impériale nucléaire qu'elle n'est plus.

Staging Nukes for Iran?


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  1. You know Sky is owned by Murdock, so why bother? And anybody who remembers the trouble the (Labour) government went to to shut down the pirate radio stations, would never bother with the BBC.

    We remember August 14th 1968, and the OPPRESSIVE Wilson Labour government.

    The paranoid gits at the DTI used to record everything Radio Caroline ever broadcast, at Rugby Radio Station.

    Well the British Government is going down and the Queen can piss-off back to Scotland, along with Brown and Blair. We've been waiting for this moment for all our lives.

    LMAO Throw the TV out of the window, preferably at a politician.

  2. Re SKY, it was merely an observation for others to read and note. I don't waste my time with the news, only to take note of their latest lies.

    Yes, everything in the old world is going down. Hurray!

    The banks are in a state of siege just now so I've pulled-out what little savings I have just in case they do an Argentina and stop customers withdrawing.

    It's happened before & they recovered. One of these days they won't so best to keep the mickey-mouse money under the floorboards ;-)

  3. Maitreya, BTW, I'm currently downloading the Ubuntu open-source software.

    Do you use it? If so do you have any comments about it, good or bad?

  4. Hey, you're on-line? LOL

    Hey, we need another Beatle's song :-)

    You know, the problem with everybody throwing their TV sets out is that the net slows down, in the evenings, lately.

    Hey, and if we do get nuked, I'm OK; I live near one of those first=strike targets, and it sure beats dying of something like cancer, like my wife. I won't even hear the bang. Cool eh? Remember, the air-attack warning sounds like this:

  5. Maitreya, is there a way of contacting you off-blog? Do you use Skype or MSN?

    Yeh, I upgraded my PC RAM from 256Mb to 2Gb today and boy does it move! I'm looking forwarded to going onto Ubuntu and away from Bill Gates' prison-planet.

    Did you know poor old Alex Jones got arrested in New York the other day?

  6. "I saw Alex Jones got arrested. I'd have hit them over the head with that Bull-Horn he uses :-)"

    Me too, old Warrior!

    Thanks, this stuff on Ubuntu is invaluable.

    BTW, I've got a new blogsite at Wordpress (outside the Google empire) called New Civilization.

    How about contributing some articles to it a la apres le deluge? I can translate them into French and Spanish as well.

  7. I just downloaded the Ubuntu set-up as an ISO file and Windows won't open it. How to solve this problem?

  8. You have to save it as an ISO file on a CD. Then you reboot and tell the BIOs to boot from the CD. Then it will boot as a live CD and give you instal options.

    Hey, delete my email address :-)

  9. am trying to: where do i delete from?

  10. Apologies, Maitreya. The only way I could delete was to delete the entire comment.

    Anyway, it was only of personal interest though I have copied it so will republish your comments sans the email address.

  11. Maitreya said...

    Yes, I built two computers about three years ago, which ran on Win 2K, but it reached the point where is the browser stalled, it crashed Windows. I put Ubuntu on the bigger one, and it worked fine; if the Browser stalls, the browser crashes, and you just restart the browser. I haven't had Ubuntu crash at all.

    When I mentioned it to you, I had just installed it on the second one. Nothing can install without a password,which stops viruses getting in.

    You have to use Sudo to change any settings. You can encrypt the whole thing if you want, with Bastille at

    I saw Alex Jones got arrested. I'd have hit them over the head with that Bull-Horn he uses :-)

    There is an MSN clone parcelled in with Ubuntu. I have been avoiding using it as it leads me astray. You
    meet women from Alabama, who tell you that they are "a subbie". It was a learning curve; hey I know very well why Americans always do as they are told.

  12. what's a subbie, dare i ask? ok, your email is now deleted and i sent you an email.

    used a think called undisker to extract the ubuntu data but still haven't found a start.exe to run it.