Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Protecting the West from Islamisation

Charles Firth asks the people of the U.S. their opinion.


Rory's Comment: Oh, why not just demand that all Muslims should wear armbands just like the Jews had to in Nazi Germany?!

With dumb Yanquis like this mouthing such inanities it's no wonder that the USA has been turned into a fascist state! And it's no wonder that Yanks are now so heartily despised, even hated, by folk all over the rest of the Planet starting in Canada and Mexico. Even the people of its most faithful poodle, Britain, now view 'America' with alarm if not downright distaste.

This is a real shame, not just for the world but for 'America' because it reflects badly on all the 'good Americans' of which there are more than a few. But a countryful of people that allowed two presidential elections to be stolen by a gang of common criminals, headed by that cretin Bush Jr, must take the responsibility for what resulted from that grand larceny.

As Cuban Foreign Minister Roque said, quite correctly, Bush has no morality authority to condemn other countries. And, through association, neither has the US or its hangers-on in Britain, France etc. Are you listening, George Brown and Nicolas Sarkozy?

When I hear dumb comments by proles, as in the video above, I begin to despise the human race for its propensity to create such brainless monsters. Why allow such creatures to vote? Disenfranchise them and send them to long-term re-education camps, I say.

But they're just what the capitalist system wants.

In the 'seventies the ghastly Samuel Huntington, ex-CIA and MI6 and more recently the architect behind the Neocons' fabricated 'War of Civilastions', published a Task Force paper for the Trilateral Commission in which he argued that too much education for the proles was a bad thing because it led to even greater discontent.

To prove his point, he turned to the Civil Rights struggle of the 'sixties, the Anti-Vietnam War Movement and the Haight-Ashbury riots. He conveniently left out the brutal acts of Mayor Daly at the Chicago '68 Democrats' Convention which left some students dead and hundreds wounded.

From Huntington's paper to the Trilats came the idea of dumbing-down the media and education and the systematic dismantling of social welfare and free education. If any should be tried for grand crimes against the human race it is those such as Huntington.

Instead, of course, they are Capital's heroes.

So don't forget, my readers. Don't allow yourselves to be brainwashed by the toxic Mainstream Media. The MSM, including our darling Aunty BBC, is nothing more than the new Aristocracy talking to itself.

I repeat, is nothing more than the new Aristocracy talking to itself.

This is a phrase worth memorising and repeating in every future conversation you might have about why, through its complicity, the MSM is responsible for wars in Iraq and the one being planned against Iran.

Down with the new Aristocracy! Long live the World Revolution which will, one day, remove it from power!


  1. Get the state of that building behind the old guy with the glasses and baseball cap. Is it any wonder American bridges fall down? I bet that guy is too busy worrying about Muslims to notice it.

  2. Nice one, Lord Cerne! ;-)