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Zeitgeist: the general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era

"We have been misled, away from the true and divine presence in the Universe that men have called God. I don't know what God is but I know what he isn't. And unless and until you are prepared to look at the whole truth, wherever it may go, whoever it may lead to ... if you want to look the other way or if you want to play favorites, then somewhere along the line you're going to find out you're messing with divine justice."

Who said this?:

"An evil exists that threatens every man, woman and child of this great nation. We must take steps to ensure our domestic security and protect our homeland."

George W. Bush?

No, Adolf Hitler (when announcing the Gestapo to the people) ... same shit, different asshole.

"By having this war on terrorism, you can never win it. So you can always keep taking people's liberties away. The media can convince everybody that it's real. The goal is to get everybody in this world chipped with an RFID chip. Anyone who protests against us gets their chip switched off."

--Nicholas Rockefeller

"The most incredible aspect of all: these totalitarian elements will not be forced upon the people. The people will demand them. For the social manipulation of society through fear has completely detached humans from their sense of power and reality; a process which has been going on for centuries if not millennia."

"Religion, Patriotism, Race, Wealth, Class and every other form of arbitrary, separatist identification thus conceived has served to create a controlled population, utterly malleable in the hands of the few."

"Divide and Conquer is the motto and as long as people continue to see themselves as separate from everything else they lend themselves to be completely enslaved."

"The men behind the curtain know this and they also know that if people ever realize the truth of their relationship to nature and the truth of their personal power the entire manufactured zeitgeist they prey upon would collapse like a house of cards."

Part One: Religion as a traditional Control System

Part Two: The 'War on Terror' as a contemporary Control System

Part Three: The New World Order, the ultimate Control System

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