Monday, July 16, 2007

Blair applauds Brown giving the Salute

"Shared Values" means Joined at the Hip through Eternity

Today's announcement by Britain's new Zionist foreign secretary, David Milliband, of the expulsion of four Russian diplomats in retaliation for Russia's refusal to extradite Andrei Lugovoi, alleged assassin of double-agent Boris Litvinenko, signals a watershed deterioration in relations between Russia and the Anglo-Saxon Alliance.

Russia has, quite properly, stated that it has no legal remit to extradite Lugovoi and has even offered to try him at home. This, however, was not acceptable to Britain. There is an interesting similarity between Britain's refusal to compromise on this issue and Bush's refusal to do the same regarding the recent Russian offer to run a joint Russo-American missile shield in exchange for the US dropping plans to install forward bases in Poland and the Czech Republic.

Thus, all the indications point to the Anglo-Saxon Alliance deliberately heightening tension between itself and Russia. Whilst Bush might see an opportunity in doing so to create a new Arms Race (for the exclusive profit of US corporations and the further empowering of its domestic Military-Industrial Complex) quite what Britain has to gain from it is a mystery. What it could lose, however, is much clearer.

Apart from billions in business-deals, Britain and continental Europe is ever more dependent on the importation of Russian gas. Upsetting the Russians, as the Germans would tell you, is therefore not a good thing. So why is Brown's new government determined to do exactly that?

Using my by-now well-known Remote Viewing techniques, I was able to home-in on a recent high-security telephone conversation between The Shrub and Mr Gordon Brown-nose-Bush:


Bush: Morning, Gordy, lissen' I need you to do me a favor.

Brown: Why yes, Mr President, anything you say Mr President. Another blow-job or would you prefer to shaft me?

Bush: Now quit assin' around, Gordy. You know that's all going to have to wait until our next Bohemian Grove convention. It's not you I need shafting, it's those Russkies.

Brown: Anything you say, grovel, grovel, delighted to be of service in any way, as always, grovel, grovel!

Bush: Right. Now, remember that Litvinenko poisoning we had your intelligence people organise and blame on the Russians? That was neat, so was your demanding the Russkies should hand over Lugovoi when you knew, all along, there wasn't a cat's chance in hell of that happening! Now I want you to up the ante --

Brown: Up the aunty? [mouth quivers] What the BBC again? But Tony's shafted them, already!

Bush: No, no, you've got a one-track mind, Gordy. Not the aunty, the ante ... I want you to up the stakes by creating a huge diplomatic row with the Russkies. Our MIC over here is howling at me to start another Arms Race, it's good for the US economy you know and even better for the Bush family corporate interests.

Brown: Certainly, Mr President, I'll give instructions to Foreign Secretary Milliband.

Bush: Oh, and while you're at it, all that stuff from Millipede about a new line from the Brown government, it's gone as far as we can allow it, so can you cut that crap and have him say something about 'shared values' between two great nations attached at the hip all the way to Armageddon? [puts down phone].

Brown: Jawohl, mein Führer! [salutes & collapses in chair, sits back, loosens his collar, sweating profusely].


When you hear Millipede, sorry Milliband, talking about 'shared values' you'll know what he really means. Britain and the USA are inseparably part of the same usurious, international extortion racket aimed at ensuring that Anglo-Saxon imperialism and 'values' remain in a blood-soaked ascendant, yea, unto the very end of the world.

The Show, and the Nightmare must go on. Anglo-Saxon values rule, ok?

Oh, and by the by. Remember how the Bliar refused to hold an investigation into the BAE/Saudi Bribes scandal? Now the US Department of Justice is demanding that Brown hands over all the incriminating data over to it. Blair's excuse for refusing an enquiry was that 'it would compromise national security.'

Bullshit, of course. Blair, like Bush, could never differentiate between his own interests and the nation's.

So what is Brown going to do, hand over the information? Because, as has been pointed out, if he does won't he be compromising Britain's national security? Oh, I forgot. Of course he won't, because 'shared values' means there's no difference between Britain's and US security and interests.

Joined at the hip through eternity, remember?

Deek Jackson on the BAE/Saudi Cover-Up


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