Sunday, July 08, 2007

Helpful Training Video for Glasgow Fire Brigade

Seeing as the Glasgow Fire Brigade was so clumsy (deliberately? god forbid!) in putting out the recent Glasgow Airport blaze with water hoses (petrol and water don't mix and using water hoses only spreads a fire) here's a useful video from Mendocino County on how to put out a fire from a propane tank.

The latest BBC propaganda is about what a brave lot of lads they were to prevent explosions and the rest of the airport burning down. Yup, with three water hoses.

No mention that propane gas bottles are built to be idiot-proof. If they do explode they explode downwards where the weld-points are weakest.

Now why didn't these dastardly terrorists time their event for November the Fifth with a stuffed effigy of George Brown as Guy Fawkes?


India's PM to Brown: Do not Stereotype Indians

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