Sunday, July 08, 2007

Britain's new Sicherheitsminister, Sir Alan West
The Hitlerization of Britain

Quietly but insidiously, Gordon Brown's regime is working diligently to turn Britain into a full-blown police state, the kind which Hitler and Stalin would have been proud of.

Almost unannounced, Britain now has a Minister of Security, ex-Navy Admiral, Sir Alan West.

The creation of such a post is a disturbing sign of how advanced has become the politicization of the intelligence and police services in Britain and their servility to a foreign policy created, not in Britain, but in Washington, D.C. Britain's role as a vassal state has been underscored by the appointment of a political figure whose ultimate purpose is the repression of his own people.

He has already confirmed that by publicly calling for people to snitch on each other and report each other's activities to the police. Foreseeing the time required to further degrade social values along these lines, he recognizes that it might take up to fifteen years to create. To cynically and deliberately set out to create a society of psychosis, fear and terror is to do exactly what Hitler and Stalin did. It is also the act of a traitor who seeks to take away the last freedoms of his own people.

What, I wonder, would all those who, in the defence of freedom and democracy, went willingly to their deaths in WWII think of Sir Alan's ultimate act of treason? Is this the kind of society for which they laid down their lives?

Through this despicable appointment we can see Gordon Brown for what he really is. For all his hollow talk of promoting a 'sense of Britishness' Mr Brown-nose-Bush is nothing more than another traitor.

How long, I wonder, before the docile British public rise up against the likes of these? Its famous tolerance seems now to be entirely misplaced in that it appears to tolerate those who abuse their authority and condones intolerance against the very victims of that abuse.

Britain, like America, has descended into a mass psychosis where lies are believed simply to perpetuate a semblance of normality amongst destruction and chaos; that what is being done is right and proper by a government seeking 'to protect' its people against outside threats.

Meantime, those governments are not only daily committing mass-murder against others in our name; they are committing disguised acts of terror against their own people in order to gain a strangle-hold position of control. And if we remain passive, as we are presently doing, that strangle-hold will finally strangle us all.

Press Release from Scotland Against Criminalising Communities

8 July 2007

SACC rejects "Snitchers culture"

Our new, unelected, Security Minister Alan West has got off to a flying start. Just as you'd expect from a security minister, he has announced that he wants a security state.

He says people must learn to "snitch" - his word - on friends, family and neighbours.

We hope people won't follow this advice. Under current anti-terrorism laws, you can be prosecuted on the basis of rumours, suspicions, or having the wrong friends. You can spend a long time in jail waiting for a court to weigh rumours and gossip in the balance. You might even be convicted for the offence of becoming a victim of suspicion. Even if you aren't convicted, you could still be electronically tagged, or placed under partial house arrest, or - if you are a foreign citizen - deported.

In these circumstances, snitching on your neighbours is very anti-social behaviour indeed.

SACC will continue to keep people informed of their right not to snitch and will continue to fight any legislative threat to that right. And we'll continue to remind people of the possible consequences of snitching.

Those consequences go a lot further than landing your friends in jail. A snitchers' culture will destroy community cohesion, destroy trust and destroy political activity. And then how will we stop our government spreading war and terror across the planet? And if we can't do that, how can we expect to live in peace at home?

Alan West says he doesn't like the phrase "war on terror". It's true that it's an ugly label. But the stuff inside the tin is a lot uglier. We don't really care if he wants to call this deadly mix of war and repression a banana. We just want it to change.

The "war on terror" - let's call it that until the re-branding is official - has brought apocalypse to Iraq. One reason why the carnage hasn't yet spread to Iran is that the US and British governments haven't yet stitched together the minimal level of public and inter-governmental acquiescence that they think a war would need.

If we are to prevent this catastrophe we need our freedom and we need it now. We need to build solidarity between the people of Britain and the people of the Middle East. We don't need a fake solidarity with the warmonger in Downing Street.

This is no time to throw away freedom and trust, however compelling the justification. To do it because of a small fire in the porch of Glasgow airport would make us the laughing stock of the world. It would be even sillier than giving Prince Charles a place on Scotland's Guardian group of top defenders against terror - a thing that actually happened last week.

There's a crumb of comfort in Alan West's comments. He says that it will take 10 or 15 years to turn Britain into the police state he wants. It's nice that he credits the British people with some capacity to resist tyranny. Let's hope we can do even better than that and resist tyranny for ever.

SACC, 8 July


  1. Brigid, the Earth Mother, also known as Britannia, has kept this land together, despite the efforts of Christianity, always. Why would She stop protecting us now? Blair took Her name in vain with his "Cool Britannia" and he has already paid the price. Just have faith in Her.

    Hey She abhors a vacuum, and She knows what the Yank Christians really need, so She is sending them a new "Sun-God" in the form of Kim Jong-il. He is way beyond their understanding, and he will "love them" by giving them the strict discipline that they so obviously crave. He's sent them another "loving" message in today's Asia Times. Like me, he knows, and understands what they really need.

  2. She may well do. But that doesn't give an excuse for Brits to sit on their backsides asnd do nothing ... as they do always.

  3. And it's no point blaming the Yanks about this. This is home-grown repression which our ruling classes have always been past-masters at.

    This Admiral West character is a typical, ruling class loonie given an unelected position by Mr Brown-nose.

  4. Hey Brown is so funny. "Fear" "Fear" "Fear".

    I only blame the Yanks for running away to the "land of the free" and then adopting the very religion that was created to uphold the divine right of kings.

    Hey, and they love blaming "The Jews", as if anybody with blonde hair and blue eyes could be a real Jew; real Jews are Semmites, the same as the Arabs. I should know; I was married to one for eight years, hence I know all about their subbie habits; Jeez, it drives you nuts; who wants a woman with no mind of her own; it's a great ego-trip when you are young, but it sure gets boring when you grow up. Hey, and then you meet an American woman...LMAO

    Hell, subbies sure whine a lot but they never ever stand up for themselves until you make them angry enough. Oh, I wonder what it took to get America to go to war?

    And once you have made them angry, you keep waving that red cape, with "fear" written on it, at them, just like the matador does to the bull, and they keep running at that red cape, but the bull never wins.

    As long as we live here in this country, with the Queen in Buck House, and Rothschild living there at Tring, we aren't going to get nuked.

    And quite frankly, if the clowns who ran away to the land of the free, and then adopted Christianity as their religion, get nuked; well it serves them right for being so stupid. When they had freed themselves, if they had not been so selfish, they would have came back and freed us, but they didn't. They didn't give a shit about us, so why should we give a shit about them? They give us all this shit about owning all those big guns and going to fight for freedom, but they aren't going to do a damn thing.

    I spent three years in South Africa, a long time ago. There were all these white Christians there, with their big guns, and they were all going to fight to the death. Yea right! They went down with a whimper. And the land of the permanently deluded will do the same.

    On the other hand, those North Koreans, under Kim, their sun-god, they are lean, mean and hungry. Hell, they can even get by on eating grass. And they can taste it; they want it so bad.

    Hey, I know exactly how they feel. My second wife, an oriental, taught me so well. If anybody tells you that Oriental woman are subbies; they are talking shit. And my second wife died, because she got cancer, caused by all those American nuclear tests in the Pacific. Hey, I hope America gets what they deserve. You think Muslims hate America? I can taste it too. Die, America, Die; you are the only thing that is still propping up Her Majesty's corrupt government, and once you are gone we can fight for our freedom.

    As Temujen said "Only a fool fights a war he can't win", but once the American idiots who fight for Her Majesty are out of the equation, we can get our country back.

  5. Hey, as Ms Allbright said, "You can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs",so we just have to look at Yanks as "collateral damage".