Thursday, July 05, 2007

Sir Ian Blair on the Qui Vive
All Roads lead to the Dodgy Met

Another hilarious video I found on Stef Zucconi's Blog.

A message to my brothers in the Jihad, get a grip


Just another thought about recent events: apart from the apparent determination of the local fire brigade to keep the Glasgow Airport blaze going for as long as possible, why was it necessary to send the miscreants down to London to be interrogated by the most corrupt police force in Britain, the Metropolitan?

Apparently, the Strathclyde police force in Scotland couldn't be entrusted with the job.

Oh, the excuse given was that both the London and Glasgow incidents were linked. That was convenient, wasn't it, and all we have is the word of the dodgy Met that this was so.

More likely, those who were responsible for this pathetic false flag were afraid that the Scottish police might have found out the truth who was really behind it ... as has been the case with the Lockerbie incident. Although, concerning the last, it's more likely that the recent 'revelations' have been timed to create further anti-Iranian sentiment prior to an attack on that country.

Curious, isn't it, that everything has to return to Sir Ian Blair and that den of corruption and politicised plods, the Met? It reminds me of how all the debris from 911 was quickly shipped out to other countries to get rid of the evidence.


  1. Anonymous3:05 pm

    The picture is not of Sir Ian Blair. Great journalism.

  2. How do you know that. Are you Blair or some other copper?

    If it isn't Blair (which I'm sure it is) it's his spitting image.

    C'mon, what's all this bullshit? Are you his PR?