Monday, July 02, 2007

Glasgow Airport yesterday

Blair's Neocon War of Terrorism hits Scotland

As if to remind us all, thanks to Blair and his successor Brown, that Scotland was dragged into an unwanted war in the Middle East and north-west Asia, a wannabe terrorist rams Glasgow Airport's doors with a burning Cherokee jeep. Brown's administration gets a chance to exercise its authority, goes into full swing and declares a top level critical alert through Britain. We're all supposed to be on tenterhooks and report each other for "unusual" behaviour.

Preceded by a similar incident in London where an erratically driven Mercedes skidded onto the pavement, knocking down several dustbins, is abandoned by its driver who leaves the headlights on for all to see his was, indeed, unusual behaviour. Quite by coincidence, an ambulance crew which had been called to a nearby club, turns up to notice smoke inside the crashed car and a big green gas can left by its side. On further inspection, it's discovered the car has a large amount of fuel stored in cans and an equally large amount of nails, no exact numbers given in either case.

But it was enough for the MSM's propaganda machine to go into action, assuming that this must be the work of Al Qaeda, mad Islamists etc, etc. This was all confirmed when the driver of the Glasgow Cherokee, his clothes on fire, attacked a policeman shouting, "Allah!". We must assume he wasn't hallucinating.

It's those dastardly Muslim extremists again. Be on alert folks, especially of dark-skinned Asians and similar unsavoury types. Why, even that lady in a burqa entering a bus in Manchester with her children might be a suicide bomber. Better get the Police to take her in charge and strip her down to ensure she isn't wearing a suicide belt! You can never be too sure these days and, anyway, we've been far too easy on these wogs.

Hmm, just days away from the second anniversary of that other false flag, July the Seventh, who is up to all of this and what is their purpose?

For starters, if these incidents really were terrorist attacks then they were certainly carried out in the clumsiest possible ways, intended it would seem to draw attention rather than to cause any severe loss of life. Had it exploded, the London Mercedes could have killed or maimed passers-by. But why leave the headlights on? Was the driver really a nice guy who wanted to warn folk that something was wrong or did he panic and forget to switch them off before abandoning the car, yet having the presence of mind to leave a gas canister outside it before running away?

Similarly, the Glasgow driver gets it all wrong, catches fire, runs his jeep against the Airport entrance doors, abandons his vehicle and scarpers. So did he chicken out? Why didn't he ram the doors in order to drive into the main thoroughfare inside to cause maximum havoc? And if he couldn't manoeuvre outside so as to ram the doors at high speed, how come he or his handlers hadn't researched that beforehand?

Which suggests, in both cases, that the drivers had certainly
not intended to suicide themselves in a blaze of glory. On the contrary, the behaviour of both suggests they were far too concerned to save their own lives.

No suicide bombers they, trained through mind-control and drugs to accept a gory end. These guys, it seems, were trained to botch up and fail in the missions they were ostensibly seen to be attempting!


Never mind. At least another mission
was accomplished, and that was to give the nation the jitters and the police and the government the opportunity to get as heavy as they like. After all, wouldn't they be failing in their duty to not be so? That is their job, to protect us and people expect it.

Well, so we are led to believe. But in the real world, events suggest otherwise. Both the police and the intelligence services are arms of the government and, despite appearances by its wannabe actors, the job of government turns out to be, not to protect, but to
manage us in the interests of its own self-preservation.

By definition, government is about mind control. Hiding within the word we find 'govern+ment', or govern the mind. And that is certainly what modern governments spend a lot of time doing. In earlier days, the mind control of government was to obtain political consensus among its people. With the abandonment of Keynesian economics, consensus was no longer the flavour of the day. Monetarism, or 'neo-liberalism' as it is euphemistically described these days is not about consensus but about the use of coercion, brute force and power over the weak in the name of profit and the devil take the hindmost.

And that is what governments in the west are busily promoting.

To control people, however, is not easy. The most obvious way to control them is to bully them through making them afraid. 911 was the classical example of that, July the Seventh another, Madrid, Bali and so on. And, just to ensure they stay on message they need, from time to time, to be reminded of that fear. That's what the intelligence services are there to plan and carry out and the police and the army to clear up after them.

A famous British intelligence officer and whistle-blower, David Shayler, mentions in a recent video (911 and the British Broadcasting Conspiracy) how, after WWII, western governments and NATO created Operation Gladio whose purpose it was to cause terrorist incidents against their own populations and to blame the incidents on extremist groups. The British government has, through its intelligence services, carried out several terrorist attacks against its own population in these islands whilst attributing them to the Irish. As with the recent cover up of the Pat Finucane assassination by British Intelligence these things are covered up with so-called investigations to provide the whitewash or snow jobs.

Far from being our friendly protector, as anarchists have always held, governments turn out to be the
enemy of the people. And proof, should you require it, is there for all to see. The so-called 'War on Terrorism' is in reality a War of Terrorism committed by governments against their people.

Leaving aside the classic definitions of this war of state-sponsored terrorism, 911 and 77, ponder on how both Bush and Blair fabricated a situation in order to drag their peoples and armies into two blood-letting war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. Who dies in the interests of oil and capital? The same blood sacrifice, as always, is made by governments who hide behind their shabby masquerade of 'public duty' and 'protection'.

And now we are to believe once more that they are carrying out duties which they never have and never intended to fulfill?

Sorry, I don't and I won't buy it. And nor will a lot of other bloggers or the public. Through internet, both capital and its governments are being exposed as never they were. Their answer is to fake wars against terror in order to clamp down on their own real enemies, the people they seek to control and manage. That war is moving on apace and there is no reason to believe it has ended.

Not only is the British government at war with Islam but it is, as it has always been, at war with its own population. We can only expect both wars to get worse and bloggers like myself finally to be silenced through increased control of the internet.

Take two suicide bombers into the car with me? I just want to crash and blow

Hmmmm, Reichstag-tastic

Keith Olbermann talks with ex-CIA operative Larry Johnson about the London bomb scare.


Keith Olbermann & Larry Johnson - 6/29/07


  1. Hey, have you see the Daily Mail? Apparently they were doctors. This raises the possiblity that they could be as pissed-off about what has been done to the NHS as we all are, but being doctors, and not engineers, they screwed it up.

    Being serious, I am curious as to how come a guy who was reportedly on fire, and had to be put out with fire extinquishers, is now in custody, and not in hospital?

    And how come Glasgow airport lacks a sprinkler system? Or didn't it work? Or does it not extend under the canopy? Hey, health and safety ought to get in and check that place out.

    Completely off topic, I was messing round on Google maps. Tone has built himself a nice tennis court at Chequers, at our expense.

  2. Anonymous3:36 pm

    Brown is more of a Zionist than Blair. Brown was happy to spend our budget the war. He is as much a part of the Neo Con trend as Blair is. Now we have an even more confrontational prime minister our troubles in the middle east will no doubt get worse.

  3. Anonymous5:54 am

    "We can only expect ... bloggers like myself finally to be silenced": Don't worry about being silenced - your ideas are so obviously crap,. and you have so few readers, that nobody would take you seriousl enough to try to silence you.
    Oh, and don't forget your meds!

  4. Thanks for your brickbats, Anonymous of Saskabush. But I'm afraid you've got it all wrong.

    Bloggers of my ilk aren't here for the fame and glory, we're here to ensure that the truth gets out and that folk get to hear the alternative to official government bullshit.

    It's interesting you recognize that notoriety grows with popularity leading to the government goons focussing on particular individuals to eliminate them.

    So you admit that western societies are no more repressive than the ones they seek to criticize. At least you are a realist in that sense.

    I would be interested to hear what views you consider crap and why. Or can you really be bovvered?

    And, please don't be so bashful. Let's know your name ;^)